I am 70 years old but I never seen anything so awesome, beautiful, I would not missed anything so great as the boat Trump parade at Kimberling City, Missouri Sat. Sept. 5. I drove myself down there and I tried to take pictures, it is hard when you are driving. I have never seen anything like it. There was over 4,000 boats, it was good to see so many people really care about our country.

Everyone really cares. This was bigger than Christmas parade and 4th of July celebration. I can’t say enough about it that it is the best thing of 2020.

On Sept.1 Kevin Lowe took his mother to Dr. Cardwell in Springfield, Missouri. I got a clean bill of health. I can eat anything but I have to be careful or here I go back. I lost 12 pounds, best part of it.

I hope to not give up. I want to lose more. I treated Kevin out to breakfast at “Smith” the new one in Springfield, Mo. It was as good as the one in Bolivar. We always stop at it on the way to Kansas it was our halfway stop up there. MY favorite is the ham, hash-browns and scrambled eggs So Good.

Chris Lowe and Lizzy Nay stop by Thursday visit with John and Sue Lowe.

John and Sue Lowe went to Green Forest football with Pottsville playing them. Not a good game for Green Forest 8-20 Pottsville but it was a nice night and I got to talk to a classmate of Kevin he was cooking hamburger and was they good. He knew me, he told me to get in there and go to work. I use to work for the band. I was nacho lady, oh well we got to see the Oak Grove boys play grandson Brayden Lowe, #71; Jesse McQuery, #75; Ridge Swofford #39 and the rest of Green Forest Tigers.

As of Sunday Sept 6 the Bowman Church Revival is up to 119 days in a row. Everyone is

invited to 143 Bowman Church Lane Blue Eye, Missouri .Come and join them I watch on Facebook.

Revival go on for 119 More power to them. How far will they go.

Sunday night visitors of John and Sue Lowe was: Lizzy Nay, Kevin Lowe, and Daniel Morgan.

Hope everyone had a Happy Labor Day. It didn’t seem like Labor Day nothing going on.

Thank god for the boat parade. We always had stuff to do a family get together.

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