Well, here we are another new month. Sept. 2 was the last of the big summer holiday. We have the winter holidays now, not as exciting like going to the lake and picnic. This was a busy week for me. Monday, I took flowers to the fair and went to the doctor and got a heart monitor to wear for 24 hours. I took it back on Tuesday. Wednesday, I stayed home and then Thursday my cousin Linda Scarrow went to fair. It was free for our age. Then on Friday we went and played bingo in Branson, and we may not go back. When someone walks in and wins the $10,000 prize who has never been seen before, it makes us all think it is fixed and rigged. It wouldn't have been so bad if one of the people that go every Friday night had of won. Then she left her friend there and a guy came in and played in her place. I took in the Blue Eye Reunion. My son drove his dads truck and we were playing the tape of Kenny Garrett and sang Blue Eye. Then we went to the rodeo in Berryville and then we went to the Swofford Reunion. It is good we still carry on the family tree for 74 years. Today is Monday and I am home.

A benefit for Leroy McCreary of Blue Eye, Mo. will be held Saturday, Sept. 7 at 5 p.m. in the Blue Eye Community building/ Lions Club just past the school on Highway EE off of Highway 13 . There will be a meal, baked goods and miscellaneous auction. We will be serving chicken and noodle dumplings and beans and cornbread and a drink.

We will begin serving the meal at 5 p.m and the auction will follow shortly. All donations for the auction are greatly appreciated. Come and join us for a good meal, fun and fellowship.

Leroy has recently been hospitalized for bleeding ulcers which has left him extremely weak. He has dealt with a feeding tube for 8 years which has taken a toll on his body. Everyone is urged to come together to show love and support for a friend and neighbor. For information, call (870) 350-2348.

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