Today Sunday the sun is shining a pretty yesterday we had snow flakes. This weather is

something else I can't believe it.

I am upset still today we went and played Bingo at Branson Sport Center Friday night like we

have for 2 years and we won maybe 100 up to 500 dollars and now we just give money no win for 4 of us

one lady she really spend the money on horse race and etc. and Friday Nov. when one whole table family

and friend won everything one won $17000, $600 and the end of the month tv that I would like to have

got. I think and everyone said it is rigged. I will not go back and no one else. I love all my friends I have

met and I was in a store in Berryville and ran into another lady that was there Friday night and she said

that was it. I talk to a lot of people from Alpena and Harrison said that they are quitting. I think they hate

us Ark. people and we are the one that are supporting it but Friday night did it for me to go back

the have to pay me. Sorry but had to get off my chest. God bless the owner They have hurt a lot of

people. I wish they would put one back in Blue Eye, Mo. like they had.

There was excitement Thursday night at 6 p.m. Where a truck lost control and hit another one

head on by the look of the truck I don't know how he walk out of it. A get well to John and Anna Asbury

they were lucky someone was watching over them.

Sue Lowe went out Saturday shopping in County Craft Bazaar at Fair grounds. Had a fun day got me

a camper trailer for house warmer.

Margie Gordon and Linda Gordon went Nov 21 to help Wilma Lane Bradshaw celebrate her

100th birthday in Harrison.

Rolly Francis of Ridgedale, Mo. spent Wednesday with Roger Holiday.

Next Sunday will be the first day of Dec. and 26 more days until Christmas.

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