Tuition is free for students 60 and over

Northark is offering studio and art classes both on site and via Zoom and we have lots of great offerings online. This is the final week for regular registration. These classes are free to participants 60 and over, and financial aid is available for younger students. We have aa art supply fund for students in need of a little extra help. Classes are open to high school students as well.

Two courses, painting I and II, studio or Zoom, and art history, Renaissance through the current era, online. Details on each class are below, along with info on the class registration process. Let's build community and enrich our creative abilities!

Painting I and II: This class meets Tuesday nights, 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. and is open to all levels. During the semester we will explore many aspects of painting, using Golden Open Acrylics, which are slow drying high quality paints. Students with experience can choose to use oils and other acrylic paints. The course can provide an opportunity to paint with others in a supportive environment, even if staying home, attending via Zoom. We will have an art show and sale at the end of the semester and explore painting from a variety of angles. Supply support is available.

Art History II: The study of the history of art, presented from an artist's perspective can enhance any artist's work, plus provide a unique view of history in general. The course begins with the Renaissance, then moves forward to our current era. There is a textbook, but course material is provided primarily through articles and videos, so textbook reading is optional and used as a supplement. (way beyond a boring Art History Class!). The course is in the "Online" format - meaning that students study the material on their own schedules. There are weekly lessons and discussions that present thought provoking questions designed to get everyone in on the conversation. The course can be turned to an audit once the semester begins. - A great way to engage the mind and learn how people have made art for the past 600 years.

Registration: The process has a few hoops to jump through, but once registered you are good to go for any future courses. There is a state mandate for current vaccination records, but students can request a waiver due to COVID-19 limitations or get this info from their doctor. The other hoop is that the college will need a certification of high school graduation or GED completion. This can usually be provided electronically from the school. Please contact me if you run into a glitch with the process and I will help to get it worked out. The goal is to make the process as easy as possible. To begin, go to this link:

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