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Charlotte Bishop, State Ombudsman (left) and Brad Bailey, Executive Director of AAANWA present the Servants Heart Award to Mary Askew (center) for her service and dedication.

Brad Bailey, Executive Director of the Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas, announces that he had the honor to present the Ombudsman Servants Heart Award to Mary Askew at the volunteer Ombudsman banquet held in Little Rock on Oct. 2.

Ms. Charlotte Bishop, State Ombudsman, comments that the Servants Heart Award is given to an outstanding regional ombudsman who shows they “have the heart to serve”. Ms. Bishop states that Mary was chosen because she has served as Regional Ombudsman twice, has trained other ombudsmen, mentored any new ombudsman who needs an ear and any seasoned ombudsman that calls for advice on a tough case; Mary thinks outside the box in difficult cases and will come up with the resources to help fund a resident’s need. Ms. Bishop adds, “It takes heart to be an ombudsman and Mary truly has a heart to serve”.

Mary has worked with the Area Agency on Aging of NW Arkansas (AAANWA) for 10 ½ years, with the majority of that time serving as Ombudsman and 5 months serving as the Agency’s EEO Compliance Officer. We send our congratulations out to Mary and say that the Servants Heart Award was awarded to a very deserving heart-serving recipient.

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