Get ready for three days of Bluegrass, camping and fun! The 48th Northwest Arkansas Bluegrass Festival kicks off on Thursday, August 15 at Beacon Park, located five miles North of Harrison in Highway 65. Take the exit on Ridgeway Loop.

Bring your lawn chairs and your acoustic instruments and join in the fun! Tony Hudson will Emcee. For general information about the Festival, contact Larry Martin at (870) 426-3477 or (870) 577-2455

The park will open on Monday, August 13 and will have RV parking and hook-ups. For more information or reservations, please call Arvin Adams at (870) 715-7246.

The show will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. Admission is $10.00 for Thursday night, $10.00 for Friday night and $12.00 for Saturday afternoon. Three day passes will be $25.00.

Schedule for bands

Thursday Friday Saturday 1:30 Saturday 6:30

All Gospel Show 6:30-New Highway 1:30-Interstate Thirty 6:30-2nd Time Around

6:30-Unashamed 7:15-2nd Time Around 2:15-Leipers Fork 7:15-Old Men in Hats

7:15-2nd Time Around 8:00-Highway 36 3:00-2nd Time Around. 8:00-Highway 36

8:00-Eversong 8:45-Leipers Fork 3:45-Old Men in Hats 8:45-Casey & Atta Boys

8:45 Bob Hammons & 9:30-Casey & Atta Boys 4:30-Roving Gamblers 9:30-Interstate Thirty

Good News Boys

9:30 Leipers Fork

About the Artists

Unashamed Gospel-The band has travelled for 16 years to deliver the gospel message to churches, festivals and concerts throughout Arkansas and surrounding areas.

2nd Time Around-This family bluegrass and gospel band have a traditional sound straight from the mountains that focuses on spreading the gospel to fans.

Eversong-The all acoustic bluegrass and gospel group from Dover has released five self-titled projects as well as a video inspired by the singers memories of “That Little Church.”

Bob Hammons Good News Boys-The 5-man combines guitars, fiddles, mandolins with bass and vocals for a unique sound.

Interstate Thirty-After the group met in a Waffle House, they joined forces to play hard driving bluegrass that will take listeners for a ride.

Casey & Atta Boys-These life long musicians provide a tremendous drive and punch on the traditional tunes they chose to perform.

Roving Gambler Band-After forming the band over 3 decades ago, the group has become known for incorporating audience participation into the show.

Leipers Fork Bluegrass-The group that once performed at the Grand Ole Opry brings family friendly music and entertainment to the stage.

Old Men in Hats-Self-proclaimed “Old-School” bluegrass musicians strive to maintain the purity of mountain vocals.

Highway 36-This group performs tunes inspired by IIIrd Tyme Out, Larry Sparks, JD Crow and Bill Monroe.

New Highway-This talented group is known for uplifting and spiritual gospel music that incorporates bluegrass sounds and words of faith.

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