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Jed Nichols is a writer, director who is committed to sharing the creative works with the world.

Jed Nichols brought an unusual selection of 17 short films ranging from 44 seconds to 24 minutes to the Lyric Saturday, Aug. 31. As founder of the Canted Angle Media, a short film company based in the Ozarks, he has poured many hours into the The Canted Angle Film Festival. The Festival featured works that were submitted by independent writers, directors and film makers from around the world. Nichols asked for submissions and was surprised to see that a total of 881 films were sitting in his inbox!

Out of the 881 submissions the three judges, Jed Nichols, Sara Karnes and Matthew Murphy selected eight blocks of films to share with the audience at the Lyric. The films ranged from wacky animation to deep psychological expeditions.

Between the blocks of remarkable films, Nichols took a few moments to interact with the audience, allowing them to comment and discuss the material. His team members took the liberty of throwing paper planes at him from the balcony at one point! During the last block, which was an ode to clowns, Nichols was the victim of a “clown attack” and was left covered in silly string and confetti. The soundtracks accompanying these films combines music from nearly every genre imaginable. The playlist, which can be found on Spotify by searching Canted Angle Film Festival, contains Frank Sinatra, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Moe Bandy and Slipknot just to name a few.

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