The decade is coming to a close in just a few weeks. We owe it to ourselves to take a moment and look back at some of the great things that we have accomplished. This list does not contain any of those great leaps forward for mankind.

A recent survey conducted by a newly hired Lifestyle Editor at the Harrison Daily Times asked “what aspect, fad or practice would you prefer to disappear in 2020?” Thanks to all of you who took time to take the Survey Monkey Quiz. There were some really great submissions, one person said they would prefer that Jake from State Farm find a new career!

The most popular responses are as follows:

1.Duckface - This could easily be considered the most annoying trend of the decade. How do you plan on explaining that to your grandchildren?

2. Crocs-It has been expressed that these should be banned from public display.

3. Robocalls-A true phenomenon, causing most of the population to never answer their phone again.

4. Twerking-This dance becomes even more off putting when performed in crocs and making that duck face.

5. Weird Eyebrows-Painstakingly drawn on, they become shape-shifters when wet.

6. The word “bae”-No one ever liked this one in the first place.

7. ______________ challenge-Let’s see who will eat laundry detergent, hot peppers, cinnamon, etc.

8. Professional Athlete acting like divas-one will not have to search far to find one.

9. Zombie everything-Will it stay dead this time?

10. Movie reboots-This sounds familiar…

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