United Way Farm Credit Volunteer Donation

Chris Criner, financial specialist with Farm Credit of Western Arkansas and president of the United Way of Boone County Board of Directors, presents a check to Debbie West-Stewart, executive director of the United Way as board members Karen Norton, FedEX retiree and Jim Brisco, ABC Advertising look on. The group removed their masks for the picture and immediately donned them again afterward.

Chris Criner, financial specialist with Farm Credit of Western Arkansas and president of the United Way of Boone County Board of Directors, recently presented a check for $500 from Farm Credit to the United Way. This contribution is a “doer for dollars” type of contribution. Farm Credit has an Community Involvement program that provides contributions to local non-profits where their employees are volunteers on a regular basis. It is a way of encouraging their employees to help make good things happen in their local communities and at the same time provide the financial support that the non-profits so desperately need. It is a win-win-win situation — Farm Credit supports the community where it does business; the United Way gets monetary support they need; and the employee gets the support and recognition from his/her employer.

In this case Chris Criner has been on the United Way Board for six years and has been serving as board president for five of those years. She is a vital part of the organization’s work to improve the lives of Boone County residents. According to Jill Robertson, marketing and communications specialist with Farm Credit, Criner’s commitment to the United Way is impressive and Farm Credit appreciates all she does for her community. Criner says, “This charity is dear to my heart because they support so many local nonprofit organizations that make our community such a wonderful place to live. We do fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to donate to 21 different local agencies, such as Grandmas House, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, CASA, Senior Center and so many more.”

The United Way of Boone County is a 501(c)(3) private non-profit organization dedicated to helping make Boone County a great place to live. Anyone wishing to make a contribution or to volunteer may get more information by calling 870-741-6555 or emailing Unitedwaybc@windstream.net, or send a check to the United Way of Boone County, P.O. Box 2503, Harrison AR 72601

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