3rd Grade All A’s

Kris Arrow

Masen Bolin

Maddox Criner

Ryeland Eli

Allie Evett

Kayden Garner

Kylen Hancock

Dillon Hollis

Cheyanne Jenkins

Trent Lopez

Talon McGuire

Ryalon Riddell

Eli Smith

Hunter Vanzant

Ella Villines

Katelyn Williams

3rd Grade A’s & B’s

Ally Lowry

4th Grade All A’s

Skipper Bright

Sarah Flud

4th Grade A’s & B’s

Preston Brown

Bentlee Freeman

Havannah Greenhaw

Klaylen Kimbrell

Hunter Middleton

Ricky Middleton

Jesse Morris

Mya Morris

Ethan Nichols

Hunter Ray

Caleb Wheeler

5th Grade All A’s

Olivia Eddings

Donnie Flud

Sarah Garner

Kelby Little

Haven Vanzant

5th Grade A’s & B’s

Jayden Applegate

Kole Bolin

Hailey Collins

Lucas Kelly

Bentley Middleton

Kylee Smith

6th Grade All A’s

MaHaley Gilmore

Isaac Surber

Hannah Wheeler

Sadey Woods

6th Grade A’s & B’s

Janessa Campell

Madelin Lowery

Breann Samsel

Logan Sisco

7th Grade 4.0

Landon Carney

7th Grade 3.9999-3.0

Tate Dixon

Grant Eddings

Rowland Limperis

Emily Webb

Jake Zemlik

8th Grade 4.0

8th Grade 3.9999-3.0

Mason Gilmore

9th Grade 4.0

Sydney Marshall

Holden Roland

9th Grade 3.9999-3.0

10th Grade 4.0

10th Grade 3.9999-3.0

Joseph Breer

Harley Lea

Briggs Reddell

11th Grade 4.0

Mason White

11th Grade 3.9999-3.0

Joey Busby

Darunee Dangdee

Karley McFarlan

Emberlyn Spencer

12th Grade 4.0

Brooklyn Baker

McKenzie Holder

12th Grade 39999-3.0

Mallory Johnson

Skylar Shatswell

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