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Greetings from Capps. I guess if it keeps raining, I’ll be changing my name to Noah and building a boat. We had over 7 inches of rain the first week of May. Thanks to our friend Ken Clements who brought the bottom half of our driveway that washed down to Creel back up the hill. He’s a blessing. he water came up over the road for a few hours.  

Richard Smith said the Homesteader’s Swap Meet was pretty light last Saturday, maybe weather related. Hopefully next Saturday, May 18, will be better attended. We thought about getting some chickens there but my wife Jennifer had already ordered some special chicks from Little Rock so we spent last Monday going to pick them up. They’re a mix of buffs, Easter eggers, leghorns, etc.  

My friend Rob told me the pews were going back into the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church last Friday, work done? Maybe it’s continuous improvement until Christ returns, almost like us.

Randy Swift from Nashville ministered last Sunday at Capps Full Gospel. Everyone was blessed by his ministry, I believe his wife also sang with him. We were sorry to miss it but went Sunday night and God showed up. Brother Bobby almost lifted off and Pastor Eddie preached a great message on Jesus as the anchor of our souls.  

Don’t forget your mother tomorrow, by all accounts, you wouldn’t be here without her. I’m looking forward to my mom visiting next month from the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area (yes, it’s part of the US)

Until next time, blessings.

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