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Greetings from Capps. (The unofficial center of the universe) Things finally dried out some last week, with the exception of a brief squall that dumped about an inch of rain quickly.

I didn't get by the Swap Meet in Capps as we had our men's breakfast that morning in Batavia. Brother Curly from Peel Full Gospel shared a good word with us.

Mowing season is in full swing with haying right behind. I think most folks want a little more growth before they do their first cutting.

My friend Carl Ramsey (He’s been involved since it started in 1977) invited me to the Capps-Batavia Fire meeting on Monday night at the Capps Firehouse. I'd like to volunteer and they seem like a great bunch of guys. There is a huge void with the unexpected death a few weeks ago of Jerry Block, the chief. People shared memories of him and discussion was held about who will fill the position and the direction of the department moving forward. There was consensus that not making hasty decisions and spreading out responsibilities was in the best interest of the department and the community. I'm looking forward to learning some new skills and the opportunity to serve the wonderful folks in the Capps -Batavia area.

Let's honor the memory of the brave men and women who have served, fought and often made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the liberty we enjoy in America this Memorial Day and have a safe and blessed weekend.

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