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Greetings from Capps. It's hard to believe its June already but we've had quite a lovely spring so far (my first here so nothing to compare to).

I stopped by the Homesteaders Swap Meet last Saturday but most everyone had packed up already so I had to chase one vendor to town to get my goat soap "fix.” That gave me an excuse to browse the Farmer's Market on the Square in Harrison.

My friend Robert from church helped me put in a 6 by 24 foot patio slab in front of my cabin Saturday evening, he had just come off a 10 hour shift at work so we were both pretty bushed after mixing 50-80 pound bags of concrete.

Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m., the Capps-Batavia Fire Department annual meeting was held at the Capps Firehouse. There were nine people present including two of the three board members up for re-election. All were approved as there were no new nominations from the floor. The next fire board meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday evening, June 10, at the Capps Firehouse on Old Capps Road. 

Whether your summer plans involve travel or staying close to home, be safe, especially around water. With the tragic losses in our community of  John and Amy Villines and Northark student Allen Buberwa in water related incidents, turn around, don't drown and use PFDs if you plan on boating or swimming in swift water.

God bless, Doug.

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