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Nikita Fletcher

   I would like to make a quick announcement before delving into this week’s article. I told Yvonne Cone at the Harrison Daily Times that I will submit my last article within weeks. I have greatly enjoyed writing for HDT on the behalf of Compton. I appreciate all your support! I will keep in touch!

   Please keep those in your prayers that sustained damaged to property in the tornado. It severely impacted several structures, including the home of Jaden Hunt and his family and the Lead Hill school.

Recently, Billie Borland's son, George Riddle, was blessed with everything he had prayed for. A beautiful wife and three daughters.We wish him, Holly Riddle, and their daughters a wonderful life together.

   It was great to visit with Heath Knight from Mr. Ed's Muffler Shop at Batavia. While at a local merchant’s purchasing supplies for the bus conversion I met up with him. He is doing a fantastic job at the Muffler Shop as well as three other jobs, including working at Home Depot. He's a great friend.

   This past week I discovered that it was teacher appreciation week. Forest Heights is very lucky to have Matt Piper as a teacher and New Hope Full Gospel is happy to have him as a Sunday School teacher. Appreciation to all the teachers who have dedicated their time or continue to dedicate their time to education. A extra big appreciation goes to the instructors at North Ark College — Kevin Parker, Anthony Ambrosio, Steve Block, John Levy, Lori Danielly, and many more! Many students have learned great trades from you.

   My boyfriend, Kolten Horsman, celebrated his 18th birthday Tuesday, May 7. I am very proud of him. Happy birthday.

   Don't forget about the upcoming Compton VFD meeting. It will be held Monday, May 13. There will be important community events to discuss, including potential events to celebrate the Fourth of July. It'll be here before we know it! Hope to see you there.

   The Compton Fire Department is still collecting Best Choice labels for funding. If you have anything with Best Choice labels they would be much appreciated. Thank you.

   There were schedule changes regarding the gospel singing in Kingston. The new date is Friday, May 24. The time and activities will still remain the same. They would be thrilled to see you there! 

   Have a great week everyone!

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