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Nikita Fletcher

This is my last article for the Compton Correspondence as I will be moving soon. I have greatly enjoyed writing and might submit an article occasionally. You will be updated on my shenanigans, even after I move. Thank you for all the support I have received. Shout out to the readers in Carroll, Newton, Boone, and Marion Counties, you're all amazing. I am thankful I was given the opportunity to write. At the end of July I will be moving to Mooresville, North Carolina. I am currently enrolled in Nascar Technical Institute there and will begin my classes in August. My living arrangement will be the 1992 International school bus I am still converting to an RV. Let the good times roll!

   Happy Mother's Day goes out to all the amazing mountain mama's, even pet mama's. A few great ones that come to mind are Barbara Fletcher, Nata Tucker, Bonnie Laxton, Jaaziel Pickel, Janet Hickman, and the list goes on. We hope they had a special day. 

   Congratulations to all who graduated from North Arkansas College this past Saturday. Carla Johnson completed her criminal justice studies and Rachel Couch finished her study of choice, teaching. There were many who could not walk in graduation alongside me, but have received their certificates. They did a fantastic job and are great mechanics to work with. Thanks goes out once again to the instructors who went above and beyond to educate their stubborn students.

   When the South Campus of North Arkansas College was constructed in 1973 my grandpa, Dennis Fletcher and Bob Aulds were the licensed electricians who installed the electrical systems for phase one of the college.

   The McCoy family who had recently moved back to Alaska for job offers are doing well. One of their youngest even caught a beaver!

   Michele Tompson had great news to report. Monday, May 13, her granddaughter, Aleyah Minick, celebrated her 14th birthday. Happy birthday goes to her. Michele's daughter-in-law, Sydney Tompson, recently graduated from Arkansas Tech with her Bachelor’s Degree. She also received the honor distinction of summa cum laude and will be teaching sixth grade science and social studies starting this fall at Harrison High School.

   Later this month an important date to remember is May 31. Screamin' Freemin' will celebrate another birthday and it probably not be quiet.

   Sympathy goes to Bill Decker and Jennie Howe; their father, William, died and was buried at Wayton Cemetery last Friday. William and his family had previously lived in Compton. I visited with Jennie this past week. She is a sweet lady.

   Since I won't be here to incessantly remind you of the fire department meetings and such, here is one last reminder. The Compton Fire Department meetings are held the second Monday of every month. They will continue accepting Best Choice labels. All help and support is greatly appreciated.

   The 2019 Passion Play season has started with plays each weekend until Memorial Day and weekdays until 8:30 p.m. This epic drama is a great experience with more than 150 actors in addition to numerous animals, including the avian variety. 

   Have a blessed summer everyone.   

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