Dixie Martin

 Glenda and Joel Goats, and Don Phifer visited with Johnnie Rex and Sue Wilson on Wednesday.

On Thursday evening, Sue Wilson enjoyed a belated birthday party. Those attending were Natalie and Mitch Cash, Davy and Serena Wilson, Hayley Wilson and her friend Kayden Powers, Shellie, Luke, Ben, Lane and Adam Johnson, Tom and William Weatherly, Evone Johnson, and Helen Sweeney.

Last Thursday, Chris Crow came over and fixed lunch for me and Lynda Treat.

Ronda Austin and Lynda Treat took me to the cancer center for a blood workup on Friday. My son, Chuck Crow, came up Friday afternoon and mowed part of my yard with the riding lawnmower. Ronda Austin push mowed the front for me before Chuck arrived. He stayed the night with the Austins and attended the Decoration Day at Denning Cemetery with me and Lynda Treat.

Tina, Bryan,Ty and Breyden McCain were up last week visiting Tina's mom, Nancy Sharp. Bryan did some odd jobs around the house for Nancy.

We had a wonderful Decoration Day at Denning Cemetery last Saturday. The weather, food, and visiting was great. The flowers on the graves were beautiful and so was the lawn. Don Tomlinson did the grilling for burgers and hot dogs. Everyone really appreciated his coming to grill for us. The people who attended were as follows: Nancy Sharp, Tina and Bryan McCain, Tiffany and Lance Nichols, Johnny Rex and Sue Wilson, Natalie Cash, Shellie, Luke, Ben, Lane and Adam Johnson, Kayden Powers, Hailey and Eli Wilson, Don and Eva Wilson, Justin and Shawna Wilson, Dixie Martin, Ronda and Johnnie Austin, Lynda Treat, Chuck Crow, Carolyn Green, Pam and David Grimes, Wayne and Joanne Wilson, Nate Wilson, Bill and Freda Cole, Cynthia and Dwight Miller, Marge Hudson, Don Tomlinson, and Virginia Parker.

Justin, Shawna, Faith and Colton Wilson and Ashley Wilson came to Donnie and Eva Wilson's home on Sunday to celebrate Donnie's birthday.

Sue Wilson is doing very well after her heart attack last Sunday. She had 80 percent blockage and had a stint put in. She is doing well and was able to attend Decoration Day at Denning Cemetery.

Ronda Austin and Lynda Treat took me to my fourth chemotherapy today. Chris Crow came by to see me while I was still there. When they were done, I was told that since this was my last chemo treatment, I could ring the bell. We had pictures taken with me ringing the bell with all three nurses around me. It was a very touching moment.

Steve Eames came over last week and brought me poke sallet, along with a big bouquet of flowers. He has had company, Randy and Maxine Rogers. They all went to Yardell to the cemetery to decorate their folks' graves. They came back by Crawdad Days down in Minnie Harris park. He purchased a crawdad dinner and took it home. He called his cousin Gary Hoover from Greenbriar who has cancer.

My neighbor Rhonda Pemberton has checked on me several times this past week and always brings me flower bouquets from her flower gardens.

Buster Widner called to say he turned 90 years old on April 2nd. He had a party and received over 100 beautiful birthday cards. His daughter takes care of him and he doesn't get out much anymore.

On Saturday, June 3, the Ridgeway School get-together will be at Western Sizzlin at 11 a.m. Everyone is welcome. There are not many Ridgeway School students left. Buster has one sibling left named Francis Dixon.

“When you forgive, you heal. When you let go, you grow.”

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