Dixie Martin

 Bill Cole saw a black bear at his place on the Lone Oak Dairy Road a few days after another bear was found and whose picture was in the newspaper.

I talked to my niece, MaeHarp, about her daughter Jimmie Lou Mahler who is doing fine after her surgery. The Harps' little granddaughter Bailey Collins lives with them. She likes to see her name in the paper.

The Pig Roast will be Monday and Tuesday, June 15 and 16 at the Silver Valley church house. Everybody bring your donations and a side dish to help out with the cost of maintaining the Milam Silver Valley Cemetery. The fish fry will take place the evening of the 15th and the pig roast will be at noon on the 16th. Everyone is invited.

Sympathy to Wayne and Betty McCutcheon in the death of her grandson last week.

Last week was not a good week for my last chemotherapy. I was very sick the entire time.

John and Theshia Crow came over on Saturday to be with me for a couple of hours. My daughters do not think I should be alone and try to keep 24-hour care for me. A few days ago, I took another fall which makes four times I have fallen lately. I have been told that in a couple of months, I will be doing fine. I can't wait. For the last two weeks, I have had a happy Mother's Day. My kids have come over at different times to see me for it.

Maxine and Randy Rogers visited her brother Steve Eames last week. Steve came over to see me last week and brought me a bouquet of his mother's flowers.

Carolyn Green spent a few days in Russellville last week with her daughter Pam and David Grimes. They brought her back last Wednesday and mowed her yard for her. Pam will be coming again to take her mother to Crawford Cemetery.

Ronda and Johnnie Austin went camping this Monday up at Baxter, Missouri. They will be back home on Thursday.

Johnnie and Ronda Austin and Lynda Treat mowed my yard last Saturday. They also had Sunday lunch with me, along with my granddaughter Mandie Treat.

Nancy Sharp and Ribbon Woolston spent one night at Cricket Campground with Lance and Tiffany Nichols. Lance and Tiffany spent the week camping there.

Ribbon Woolston graduated from kindergarten at Washington Elementary in Fayetteville on Tuesday. Attending the program were Sharp and Paul Woolston, Tiffany Nichols, Nancy Sharp, and Bonnie and Jim Hirsch.

Little Jaymeson Austin will have a birthday on June 9; and my granddaughter, Tonya Crow, will have a birthday on June 29.

“Lost things are seldom found where you look first, but they are always found where you look last!”

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