Dixie Martin

 I would like to make a correction from last week's notice regarding the Silver Valley Pig Roast. It will take place Saturday and Sunday, June 15 and 16. On Saturday the 15th, they will have a fish fry in the evening. The next day on the 16th, the pig roast will convene after church service. Everyone is invited. Please bring a side dish to help out with both events. Donations are needed to keep the cemetery looking nice all summer.    

    My friend Skip Hefley had a birthday last Wednesday.  

    Kerri Neal and her mother came over for a visit with me and my daughter, Lynda Treat.   

    Chris Crow came over to keep me company while my daughter ran errands. He prepared lunch for us while he was here. My children try to always have someone over here to make sure I don't fall again.

    On Friday my daughters Ronda Austin and Lynda Treat took me to yard sales. I unfortunately stayed in the car the whole time as I can barely walk right now.

    On Saturday Chris Crow came over so that my daughter could go Goodwill shopping.

    On Sunday I went to church with Lynda Treat and ate lunch with the other church members after the morning service. I was so tired that we missed the afternoon service. Several of my family came over Sunday afternoon: Matt, Jen and Lucas Crow, John Crow and his wife Theshia, and Ronda Austin and her husband Johnnie. It was nice to have nearly all of my family visit with me on the same day.

    Steve Eames talked to his cousins Annie Lee, Ruby Waters and Zona Fiveash last week.  

    One of our Ridgeway church members, Francis Inman, took a fall last week. She was in the hospital but is now back home and feeling better.

    I will be going to the doctor on Tuesday to have shots placed in both of  my knees. This last chemotherapy has been really hard on my legs and feet.

    Today I went to town with my daughters and I stayed in the car the whole time. This evening, Ronda and Johnnie Austin and Lynda Treat will mow my yard and my parents' yard.

    Pam and David Grimes came down to visit Pam's mother Carolyn Green. They stayed until Sunday.

    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

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