Dixie Martin

 My daughter, Lynda Treat, is writing this correspondence for me due to my being in the hospital since last Friday afternoon. She took me to have my CAT scan done last Friday morning. Later that afternoon, I received a call that I was cancer free, and then told me that I had blood clots in my lungs and I needed to come back to the hospital. As of Monday, June 10, I am still at the hospital receiving blood thinners to break up the blood clots.

    Jean and Lucinda Crow came to see me last Monday at my home and again with Jean's granddaughter Beth on Sunday.  

    Chris Crow cooked brunch for me on Thursday and has been to see me in the hospital nearly every day since.

    Matt, Jen, and Lucas Crow visited me last Thursday.

    John and Theshia Crow came to see me at home one day last week and again at the hospital.

    Alex and Roselea Crow came by to see me at the hospital last Saturday.

    Wayne and Loretta Foushee came to see me at the hospital last Saturday as well. They attended church where my son Chuck Crow preaches at Charlotte Church of Christ. Later in the day, Chuck Crow came to the hospital to see me.

    Pam Grimes came on Friday to visit her mother Carolyn Green until Monday. They came by and saw me at the hospital on Sunday after church.

My great-grandson Jaymeson Austin, had his second birthday party at his parents' Tyler and Briley Austin's home. Several family members attended the party and Jaymeson enjoyed all of the attention.

    Rhonda Pemberton came by to see me this morning in the hospital.

    Randy and Maxine Rogers came by today to visit Steve Eames. They brougt Lilly and Gray Simmons with them. He also talked to Paul Lee on the phone.

    Happy birthday to Ty McCain and Ben Johnson. Anniversaries this month are Johnny Rex and Sue Wilson, Tiffany and Lance Nichols, and Bill and Freda Cole.

    Tina McCain came and picked up her son Breydan. He had spent the past week with Grama Nancy Sharp. Nancy Sharp came by the hospital this afternoon to check on me.

    Donnie and Eva Wilson went to Silver Dollar City on Sunday with daughter Ashley and her friend Andy. Donnie Wilson came to see me today and brought me a wooden gingerbread man which he made at his workshop.

    Don't do something permanently stupid when you are temporarily upset.


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