S. Lowe-KEEP

Today is a sun shine day, a good Saturday for the agriculture appreciation day. I am planning on going it is one of the things I do every year. I think today is the day for Silver Dollar City retired employees, I don't know. I would like to go and see other employees. Oh well, how soon you are forgotten. What happened about caring.

Last Thursday while I took Brayden Lowe to weight training at Green Forest School and Madison Lowe cooked her grandmother, Sue Lowe and brother, Brayden Lowe, breakfast.

The Good Lord looked around and saw two beautiful flowers to come home, Robert Dewight Delong, 66, of Lampe, Missouri. His family has our sympathy and Roger Peden, 74, of Oak Grove. His family also has our sympathy.

Kevin Lowe and his mother Sue Lowe attend the first time ever, The Rock Bottom, Sunday night May 26. I enjoyed it I can't wait until next year.

Get well to Donna Butler who had surgery last Friday.

Sue Lowe visit Thursday morning with Donna Butler and Roger Holiday.

Kevin Lowe and Sue Lowe were invited to breakfast at Raymonds by Chris Lowe, Lizzy Nay and Brayden Lowe and after we stopped by and visited.

And on May 21 John Russell "Big John" went to his new home of Yocum Cemetery. His wife Tracy and family has our sympathy.

Well the 86 bridge has opened up after a week of repair. I hope it is fixed. The last day on Friday, May 31 was shake.

On Tuesday, June 4, a tour bus with name KRUS was on side of it went past the house and 20 minutes later it came back up the hill. He must have been looking for Branson, Missouri.

Brayden and Madison Lowe spent Friday night with their uncle, Kevin Lowe, and then grandpa John Lowe came out to the ice cream social on the Berryville Square Saturday.

Sue Lowe visit Wednesday evening with Donna Butler.

On Saturday, I (Sue Lowe) went to ice cream social to get my shirt, along with Kevin, John, Brayden, Madison. We all had a dish of ice cream and then Donna Butler came and I didn't leave without getting my favorite checks burger that I thought I had to have when growing up. We had a one hour for lunch when I and my aunt Bonnie, and cousin Leora worked at Glick Garment plant. We would go and eat a check burger they were cheap then, like around 75 cents but we only got paid $10 a day in 1968 and we would go on pay day and treat ourself with a check burger. Now they are $5. My how times have changed in the last 51 years and burger now days are call hamburgers to my grandkids.

Sandra Malotte and Sue Lowe went to Carol’s for Sunday dinner after church.

Want to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father's Day.

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