Wow! I am loving this weather. I am outside, have a lot flowers planted and a garden. A friend of mine, Donna, had put their tomatoes plants in a bail of hay and they had worlds of them last year so we have done ours that way.

    The 86 bridge will close at 8 a.m. Monday, June 3 and will be closed a month for repair. They think they can keep it safe until 2022. I hope so, because as we were coming back from bingo on Friday, May 10, the bridge made a noise and was rough when we got on it. We had stopped at Twin Island for a break and we never stop. The last day of bingo for us is Friday, May 31, because in June and July they go back to play on Tuesday nights. Hope we win this Friday night, May 17 and the 31.

Well today is Sunday and we didn't win.

    Kevin Lowe and his mother Sue went to the Crawdad Days Festival in Harrison Saturday, May 18. We went early and they were calling for storms but it never hit while we were there; we got home around 2 p.m.

    This year must be the year to retire. I got invited to a retirement reception at the Green Forest School on May 14, my neighbor, Linda Gordon, is hanging it up this year. There were six altogether. The retirees are Mary Badley and Linda Gordon, paraprofessionals, Brenda Bell, a secretary, David Maybell, maintenance supervisor, Gaylon Riggs, safety and security, and Carroll Walker, maintenance. Congratulations to the 2019 Green Forest retirees, six must be the number. There are six from Blue Eye, Missouri, retiring, Congratulations.

    What is the world coming to the days when you see someone walking down the street with a gun on his side and you see people in Walmart with a gun. Is everyone going back to the 1700 and 1800s. Would our folks be shocked how the world has changed since 2000 got here.

    Was hurt that Vol Brashear Jr. has went home to be with his wife Helen. I got to know him and wife when Helen was in Autumn Hill back in 2015. He would come every day and eat lunch with her. He was a real sweetheart. Vol would always have a smile. I saw him a few times after that at Walmart and stopped by the store a few times. He is going to be missed by his family and friend. The family has our sympathy.

    A long time Oak Grove neighbor, Glen Atchley, went to his new home. The family and friends has our sympathy.

    Sue Lowe attended the retirement party of Sharon Morris Sunday at the Blue Eye School.

    The 86 bridge will have one lane closed down Monday, May 20 to start working on the bridge.

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