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Sunday, May 12 is Mother’s Day, if you still have your mother make sure she has a happy day. My mother would have been a 101 on May 6 in August of 1990. She has been gone 29 years. I found this and how true it is: "Mother" Father retires at 60 but mother never retires. She works for her husband, She works for her children, She looks after her grandchildren, She looks after everyone. Everyone retires but mother never retires. Happy Mother’s Day to each and everyone as Mother’s Day approaches my heart grows more sad I miss my mom!

    Last Saturday, April 25, my sister-in-law, Nancy Bennett, did a three-mile walk for cancer and turned a balloon loose for husband Bob Bennett and uncle Raymond Lowe in memory of them.

    Congratulations to the seniors of 1990, my granddaughter Maryah Lowe will graduate Thursday, May 16, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is the daughter of Mark and Getoya Lowe of Tulsa. Grandparents are John and Sue Lowe of Oak Grove. She plans to go on to college. Way to go girl.

    Congratulations to McKayla Gordon of the Green Forest School another graduation. She is planning to go to college. She is the daughter of Kim Gordon and the granddaughter of Johnny and Linda Gordon of Oak grove, and the great-granddaughter of Margie Gordon of Green Forest.

    Kevin Lowe and Sue Lowe went to Lampe, Missouri, where they were having a big sale and stopped and visited with Chris Lowe.

    Congratulations to Brianna Walker who is graduating from college in Russellville. She is the daughter of Arlis and Eva Walker. It seems like it was only the other day that they was moving her down there. Where has those four years went?

    Congratulations to Dustin "Bug" Scarrow who is graduating from the Berryville High School. He is the son of Kevin and Eulena Scarrow and the grandson of Roy and Linda Scarrow of Berryville.

    Kevin Lowe and John Lowe visited with Brayden and Madison Lowe Sunday.

    Congratulations to all the seniors and college students graduating this year!

    Happy Mother's Day.

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