1 a.m. – An officer on patrol advised he’d be checking an occupied vehicle that had been parked at Splash Car Wash for more than an hour. He later said the subject was installing a new radio in the vehicle.

9:44 a.m. – A pastor called requesting an officer check on an elderly woman at an address on Dawson Drive after she called him stating she hurt her arm and couldn’t open anything. An officer said the woman was fine and just needed help getting her food and tea ready.

9:43 a.m. – A caller reported a pickup and boat parked on Calvary Baptist Church property. An officer explained the proper steps to have the vehicle removed.

9:58 a.m. – A 41-year-old woman called to update sex offender registry information.

10:28 a.m. – A detective advised officers were executing a search warrant at an address on North Pine.

11:12 a.m. – A caller reported an older male subject had made suicidal comments outside an address on North Walnut. Officers spoke with the man, who denied making any suicidal remarks and asked them to leave his property.

11:16 a.m. – A caller reported two dogs running loose on North Spring Street. Animal Control was notified.

12:04 p.m. – A two-vehicle, non-injury wreck was reported on East Erie.

12:22 p.m. – A two-vehicle, non-injury wreck was reported on Highway 65 North in front of T-Mobile.

1:31 p.m. – A two-vehicle, non-injury wreck was reported at Highways 65 North and 43.

1:38 p.m. – A 57-year-old man went to the HPD to be served with a warrant for unauthorized use of a vehicle and driving on a suspended license with bond set at $955. He was late released on a signature bond.

2:51 p.m. – A caller reported a truck pulling onto the parking lot at Walmart was leaking what appeared to be blood. An officer said the vehicle was gone when he arrived, but the trail of leakage indicated it was northbound on Highway 65.

3:20 p.m. – A woman called to report a woman asked her if she smoked weed while they were at Sonic on Main Street. The caller said it appeared the woman was trying to sell weed, so officers were notified.

3:52 p.m. – A man called to report a female subject assaulted him at an address on North Willow. Officers arrested the 34-year-old woman for disorderly conduct and she was later released after posting $390 professional bond.

4:29 p.m. – A Walmart employee reported a female shoplifter fled the store on foot and left in a vehicle with a male subject driving northbound on Highway 65. Officers didn’t locate the subjects after checking the area and the caller said she would take paperwork to the HPD to file a formal complaint later.

4:37 p.m. – A 40-year-old man went to the HPD to turn himself in on a warrant for revocation of suspended sentence with no bond amount shown. He was later released on a signature bond.

4:52 p.m. – An employee at Goodwill reported a female customer had been in the store earlier, then got upset and left. A man identifying himself as the woman’s husband called and threatened the caller. He was advised to contact the HPD if the man showed up at the store. About two hours later, he called to report the subject went to the store, asked the cashier if the caller was working, then left. He requested an officer stop by at closing time to make sure everything was OK. Officers were notified.

5:20 p.m. – A female subject called to report her wallet had been stolen from the breakroom at her place of employment. A formal complaint was filed.

5:32 p.m. – A caller reported occupants of two vehicles appeared to be setting up camp on property just off Old Stonewall Road. An officer said there were several subjects present and some were consuming alcohol. A 36-year-old man was cited for public intoxication and released to a sober caretaker with a court date.

6:47 p.m. – Boone County authorities requested officers watch for a 38-year-old autistic man who went missing from a residence on Highway 7 South. Officers were notified, but the requested was canceled about an hour later after the subject was located.

11:13 p.m. – A woman called requesting an officer check on the caller’s mother at Maple Church Apartments because their phone call was disconnected and she wasn’t answering the phone. An officer said the woman was fine and watching a movie.

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