12 a.m. – An officer on a traffic stop cited one juvenile male subject into juvenile court for possession of drug paraphernalia, no driver’s license and careless or prohibited driving, and another juvenile male subject for possession of controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Both were later released to their parents.

1:32 a.m. – A 911 dispatcher reported receiving three hang-up calls from an address on Glines Court. An officer said the occupants denied making an calls, but a 19-year-old female subject was arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in court on disobeyed stop sign with bond set at $385. She was later taken to the Boone County Jail for incarceration.

2:41 a.m. – A 911 dispatcher reported receiving a call from a female subject at an address on North Oak who said someone was trying to stab her and put items around her house in order to burn it down. An officer said the caller was highly intoxicated and a 26-year-old man at the residence agreed to leave for the night.

7:42 a.m. – A caller via 911 reported a blue Ford Explorer pulled off of North Spring Road and hit a white van on the Bypass, then continued southbound. Officers weren’t able to locate the Explorer, but a report was filed and a tow truck called for the van.

8:10 a.m. – A caller reported a hound dog running loose at Maplewood Cemetery. Animal Control was notified.

8:17 a.m. – A woman went to the HPD to turn in a purse her husband found on Silver Valley Road.

8:33 a.m. – A man called to report a lock had been cut off a unit at Myers Storage Units. An officer said the information would be noted until a victim was identified.

9:32 a.m. – An officer served a 33-year-old woman with a read-only warrant by phone for failure to comply with court orders on no seat belt. She was also issued a new court date.

9:43 a.m. – Extra patrol was requested in the area of Arkansas Children’s University due to drivers not stopping for school buses.

9:57 a.m. – A deputy prosecutor requested an officer make contact with a victim in one of their cases, but an officer said no one was present at the address given.

10:46 a.m. – A man went to the HPD to report he would be in the area performing property inspections. Information noted for future reference.

10:50 a.m. – A female subject called to report another female subject at an address on North Cherry was creating a disturbance. An officer spoke to both parties and told them to leave each other alone.

10:53 a.m. – A man called to report someone broke into his vehicle while it was parked on North Main Street. A formal complaint was filed.

11:21 a.m. – A woman called to report losing a money bag on East Rush Avenue. Information noted in case it was turned in.

12:43 p.m. – A female subject went to the HPD to report losing a phone, possibly on the square, the previous night. Information noted in case it was turned in.

12:59 p.m. – A two-vehicle, non-injury wreck was reported at Prospect and Walnut.

1:07 p.m. – A man went to the HPD to ask where he could abandon a vehicle and dispose of the property inside. He was advised he could sell or donate it, but he couldn’t abandon it.

1:55 p.m. – An officer out at an address on South Spruce arrested a 44-year-old woman on a warrant for two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. She was later released after posting $1,500 professional bond.

2:20 p.m. – A caller reported a female subject acting erratically in a vehicle parked on East Nicholson. An officer said the vehicle was gone when he checked the area.

2:54 p.m. – The coroner’s office reported a deceased 34-year-old woman had been taken to the emergency room at NARMC. An officer filed an information report.

3:45 p.m. – A woman went to the HPD to talk to an officer about issues in her neighborhood. An officer explained the proper eviction process.

4:36 p.m. – A reckless driver was reported southbound on Highway 65 from the area of Forward Drive. Officers were notified.

4:42 p.m. – A woman called requesting an officer help a neighbor from her car into her residence. Assist completed.

5 p.m. – A male subject called to talk to an officer about riding a moped on city streets. Information given.

5:19 p.m. – A female subject called to report water coming from the faucet of her residence on Union Road was black and coming out in spurts. On-call Water Department personnel were notified.

5:54 p.m. – A male subject went to the HPD to report his cell phone stolen. He was advised of the proper information needed to file a formal complaint. He called back about an hour later and said his phone appeared to be at a residence outside the city, so he would be asking a Boone County deputy to help him locate it.

6:22 p.m. – A caller reported a man and woman fighting in a vehicle parked outside El Mexico Lindo, then the woman, who was barefoot, jumped from the vehicle and ran away. An officer said the subjects were no longer in the area when he arrived. The officer located a vehicle matching the description given outside Casey’s on Highway 65 North about three hours later. He spoke to the occupants and they said they were the ones involved in the incident, but they were just messing around and there was no disturbance.

6:33 p.m. – A caller reported two reckless drivers on Glenview. Officers were notified.

11:46 p.m. – Carroll County authorities contacted the HPD for warrant confirmation on a 44-year-old woman for probation violation with bond set at $1,905 cash only. The warrant was confirmed valid and she remained incarcerated with a hold for the HPD, as well as for multiple other agencies.

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