2012-13 Flippin High School Student Council

The 2012-13 Flippin High School Student Council, from left, front, Skyler King, Megan Coatney, Erin Hemme, Angelina Mooyman, Dominique Rogers, Coy Flippin and Tyler Blasdel; back, Brenton Butcher, Spencer Politte, James Hand, Colton Nix, Bryan Carlton, Nicolai Kashpureff, Jacob Leonard; (Not pictured) Dei Langston, received two state awards at the recent Arkansas Association of Student Councils State Convention held at Bald Knob.

The Flippin High School 2012-13 Student Council received two state awards at the Arkansas Association of Student Councils State Convention held at Bald Knob before the ending of this year’s school term.

The council was awarded the AASC State Outstanding School Service Award for their work and founding of the “Santa Visit” program in conjunction with the Flippin Elementary School. This program was created by the student council to bond the gap between high school and elementary students, provide parents with festive information, and create a fun celebratory day for the youngsters.

In the decorated school parent center, “Santa and his elves,” portrayed by council members, met with kindergarten and first-grade students, and created a wish list for the children’ parents, and colored festive pictures while the children had the opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap for photos.

The second AASC State Award honored the organization for their work with the charity drive “Turkey Teacher” program. The AASC State Outstanding Community Service award was presented to the FHS Student Council. Tyler Blasdel, FHS Student Council president, respectfully accepted the award on behalf of the council and Flippin High School student body. The “Turkey Teacher” charity drive was conducted by students emptying spare change into “turkey” cans on teacher's desks. The program/benefit fundraiser was conducted for the Clay Maples Benefit Fund. The activity involved all middle school and high school teachers and students. Each teacher received a “turkey can” for students to vote for their favorite teacher by a money or small change vote in the cans. Daily calculations were made. During a ceremony for the communinty and the school student body, a “large” check was presented to Maples and his family.

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