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BOULDER, Colo. — Ruby Kate Chitsey, 11, of Harrison has been named a winner of the 2019 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, a press release said.

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Harrison City Council standing committees talked about some projects that deal with money when they met last Thursday.

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Vaping has come of age in the most perfect of social conditions. Smoking cigarettes is falling out of favor socially and even among nicotine users, and is wholly rejected by many young people today. To get their fix they're turning to what is marketed as a cleaner and safer method of ingestion. Enticing flavors, edgy technology and social media are empowering the tobacco industry to ensnare a new generation with nicotine addiction
by way of vaping. And it’s working. In 2016, 43.8% of high schoolers in New York state tried vaping, more than double the total two years prior. This trend has Ontario County officials deeply concerned.