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Do basketball teams still practice free throws anymore? It doesn’t seem like it. That used to be a focal point in practice when I was in school.

Attending my first high school basketball game of the season was much like any other game experience over the years.

It’s been over 50 days since the first sports cancelation due to the wretched plague that broke so many hearts of the high school seniors arou…

Sometimes doing nothing takes more effort than doing something.

Basic human instincts usually turns a situation into either chaos or growth.

Just a few weeks ago, our community had the opportunity to listen to the first female referee hired by the NFL. Sandra Thomas was very interes…

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Sarah Thomas didn’t set out to be the first female referee in the NFL, but she is and she’s still “the girl” in a male dominated sport.

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After the New Orleans Saints had their Super Bowl dreams crushed by a referee who forgot how to use his whistle and throw a flag, the NFL rece…