It’s been a long time since Arkansas got lucky at the end of a game.

The Razorbacks’ win over Georgia Tech on Monday night to stay undefeated on the season was exactly that — luck.

When the only points a team scores in overtime comes at the 0.1 second mark and the team still wins, that’s luck.

Let’s not forget that the team entered overtime going several minutes without a score and were lucky that the Yellow Jackets didn’t pass them during that stretch.

It was the first game that I’ve seen them play and it was good to see the basketball team doing something other than the typical Mike Anderson stuff that we’ve seen for way too long.

It was encouraging to see the Hogs extending their arms and actually playing defense. It was fun to watch a style of play that kept the ball moving.

For all of those years, we seen the fastest 40 consistently slow down. I thought the new head coach, Eric Musselman, had the players looking like all the things that Anderson promised but never delivered.

Arkansas held the lead most of the game against Georgia Tech, but the long scoring drought to end regulation put some thoughts in my head.

I remembered those close games that the Razorbacks lost last season.

I remembered all those lost games that finished with an inbound play that never resulted in a final shot.

I remembered the bad play calling that never seemed to make sense.

Then Arkansas got the ball back with 20 or so seconds remaining in regulation and Musselman never called timeout and elected to just let the players play.

The off-balanced shot with too much time left on the clock worried me why that was the best option considering they had plenty of time to run a play.

Luckily Georgia Tech couldn’t take advantage of the few seconds that Arkansas left them. Then came the scoreless debacle in overtime.

In reality, Arkansas should’ve won by 10 or more points in overtime alone.

Instead every shot clanged off the rim until there were only seconds remaining in the extra play.

It would be interesting to know what Musselman told his players during that last stretch.

The game was broadcasted on the ACC Network and the camera guys only zoomed in on the Arkansas coach when he was drinking his soda. Which seemed odd to me because most coaches drink Gatorade or water.

Nonetheless, Arkansas had another chance for the final shot and Musselman turned his team loose once again.

The final shot was an incredibly low percentage shot and way off target. Luckily it was off target enough to hit the glass at the right spot and get directed to the best possible spot. Luck made that shot and luck won that game. Even Mason Jones had a surprised look on his face when he saw that such a terrible shot found its way to the bottom of the net.

However lucky Arkansas was in that win, Razorback Nation will take it.

If the Hogs would’ve lost that game, we as fans could’ve pointed fingers a bunch of different directions for why they lost. Luckily, we won and can be happy with that.

Friday’s football game could use some luck as well. I’m hoping Jack Lindsey is full of it.

Rodney Beaver is a sports writer for the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at rodneyb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/rodneybeaver .

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