MORRILTON — Friday night was everything that could be expected in a 5A-West battle between the two conference leaders.

When the night was over, it needed two extra frames to establish a winner. Harrison was that winner as the Goblins defeated Morrilton 35-34.

The difference in the contest came on a missed point after attempt by Morrilton in the second overtime.

In each overtime, each team gets a set of downs and the ball at the 10 yard line. In the second frame, the Devil Dogs scored on their second attempt from scrimmage.

Harrison's defense rushed the Morrilton kicker on the PAT and he missed the kick to give the Goblins hope.

Starting the ball at the 10, Morrilton was guilty of a face mask penalty. That gave the Goblins the ball at the 5-yard line and a new set of downs.

The heavy package was what Harrison used.

Brody Gilliam got the ball the first time and was caught from behind picking up only a yard. The next play went to Gilliam and he picked up 2 yards to move the ball to the 2.

Gilliam got the third handoff and took the ball up the middle to score.

With the game tied, Harrison senior Noah Moix would have the opportunity to put Harrison in the driver's seat of the conference race. The ball was snapped well. Logan Plumlee placed the ball and the turf and Moix gave the win to the Goblins.

In the first overtime, Harrison had the ball first. On third down, Harrison ran Julius Scott out of the backfield and Plumlee hit the senior with an 11-yard touchdown pass.

Moix gave Harrison a 28-21 advantage at that time.

Morrilton had damaged Harrison's defense with the run all night, but the Goblins held the Devil Dogs to only 4 yards on the first three plays. Morrilton called a timeout and then scored on a pass play that found a receiver in a crowded end zone.

Taking a delay of game penalty, Morrilton moved the ball back 5 yards for the PAT. The kick was successful to tie the contest and force the second overtime.

The Devil Dogs started the game quickly. On its third play from scrimmage, Morrilton ran a 72-yard romp up the middle to find the end zone.

Harrison struggled on offense early. Two possessions had netted only 21 yards as the Devil Dogs were on their third try of the night.

Morrilton attempted a pass play that left the lame duck throw hanging in the air with no receivers close to the ball.

Junior Dylan Block of Harrison caught the ball and returned it 68 yards for Harrison to tie the game at 7 with 1:10 left in the first period.

After a Morrilton punt, the officials said that the Devil Dogs recovered the ball at the 4 of Harrison. The home team was able to score and take a 14-7 advantage.

Late in the second period, Cole Keylon was able to score from 7 yards out to tie the contest after Moix hit the point after attempt.

Harrison's dynamic quarterback, Keylon, was injured in the third period and left the duties to Plumlee.

After Morrilton had taken a touchdown lead, Plumlee found Tyler Hutchison for a long pass with 8:01 to tie the game.

The Goblins are now at home the rest of the way. On Friday night, the team will host Clarksville, who played Calvary Baptist out of Louisiana on Friday night because of COVID-19 concerns for Pea Ridge.

Pea Ridge will be Harrison's last opponent on Nov. 6.

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