As everyone is well aware, I have three grandsons. One is six-weeks (Harley Michael), one is six-months (Atticus Hatcher) and then there is the four-year old.

I have said it over and over that you have to have a personality to be in our family.

My four-year Abram Henry is full of personality.

This spring was his first venture into playing a team sport. He was a member of the Sherwood/Sylvan Hills baseball program. He was a Dragon.

In April my wife Becky ran out of her classroom at Harrison Junior High…yeah, yeah….it is named something else. With her rushing, we made it to Abram’s first game in the nick of time.

Abram was up to bat for the first time in his life. He hit the ball pretty well.

He took off running. The teams are suppose to stop at first, but my grandson was a good enough player that he was able to stretch his hit into a double. Not just once, but everytime.

When he came to defense, he was on top of it as well.

He played second base and a couple of times, the ball came his way. However, each time that the other team hit, he did what his coach said and covered second base.

Of course the other team had a coach on second base as well. That coach was giving instruction for his player to run to second and maybe third.

My special player didn’t pay attention to which coach was giving directions, he just did what he thought he was told to do and that was run.

Abram Henry took off every time. Despite playing defense, he was running as hard as he could to third base. Upon reaching third, he thought he could make it home.

So, in our first game, Abram was 2-of-2 with two doubles and two runs scored for his team. He also scored three times for his opponents.

Yes, I did video it, but it is really hard to watch the video because my belly was moving very rapidly up and down as I was laughing until I cried.

Abram Henry is great. He is highly entertaining.

During another game, Abram Henry was playing first base. He got off the bag to chase a ball. After the coach finally got his attention to come back to first, he started running back to the bag.

As Abram got the ball, the coach told him to tag the opponent. Being the son of a football coach, Abram Henry heard tackle him.

So, that is what he did. He tackled the boy. Yes, my grandson tackled a kid on first base instead of tagging him. I can only imagine the thoughts going through those parents’ head. There was no rumble, but dear old PP was laughing quietly, but very hard.

My poor grandson is a literalist. If you say the water is freezing, he believes it is frozen.

A couple years back when it was time for Next Step Dance Studio to have its annual recital, Miss Kylie gave him instructions. His instructions were to sit on his piece of tape. He needed to sit on it and listen to her.

He did what Miss Kylie said. He sat on the tape. When it was the big recital show and a 1,000 people were in the stands, Abram did as he was instructed.

He sat on his piece of tape while the other dancers did their tap number.

You know parents may get embarrassed by their kids, but grandparents don’t.

I am becoming one of those people. I have photos for you to look at and I have stories about my grandchildren. So, don’t bring them up in conversation with me unless you want to hear about them.

Oh Abram Henry, you keep me in stitches.

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at jeffb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/jeffbrasel .

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