SILOAM SPRINGS — Nobody can control the weather and sometimes it can take over an entire ballgame.

Ramsey Motor headed to Siloam Springs on Monday afternoon to play a doubleheader, but mother nature had different ideas. The ballteams managed to get through the top and bottom of one inning before the game was later called with the score tied 2-2.

The Wranglers opened the game swinging the bats. Cameron Miller grounded out to start the game, but teammate Garrett Underdown followed with a base hit to get the first runner on board. Jake Moorehouse connected with a pitch in his at bat to send the ball off the outfield wall for a stand-up double and a RBI scoring Underdown. Zach Still then connected for a line drive after fouling off several pitches. Still’s hit scored Moorehouse before the top of the inning was over. The Wranglers led 2-0.

Moorehouse took the start on the mound for the Wranglers.

Siloam Springs was able to get the runs back and the first inning finished, 2-2.

The bottom of the first was played with a minimal amount of sprinkling. After the inning was over, the rain picked up and the game was put into a rain delay. The plan was to wait out the rain and get back to baseball.

“The strange thing was that the cloud was coming in from the east,” commented coach Phil Wilson. “We took cover in the dugout planning to wait out the rain, but then suddenly the water started coming down in buckets. There was no way we were going to be able to finish that game. The mound was soaked and it was flooded from first base all the way to third.

“It was the only cloud in the sky and it centered right on the ball field, once we left and headed home it looked like nobody else anywhere had gotten any rain,” the coach continued. “I haven’t seen an event like that in a long time.”

The two teams are hoping to get the games rescheduled sometime before the end of the season.

The Wranglers play Flippin on Tuesday night and matchup against Fort Smith on Thursday at Jack Williams Field. Saturday they play Siloam Springs at home. All times are at 6 p.m.

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