I am a pretty level-headed individual that doesn’t get his dander up very often.

But, when my children were growing up, they knew to stay clear of me during the run of the Arkansas Razorback basketball team when they were a national powerhouse.

I would watch the games and I would get angry with decisions that were made by the coaching staff and the players on the court. There were some very bad decisions made during those days.

As I got older, I got a little more wiser. I grew some more patience and now my grandkids can climb all over me when the Razorbacks are playing football….well, what ever they are doing on the football field.

I know that the golden rule is to give a new coach four years to get his players into his system so that there is a true analysis of his performance.

I can live with that.

However, a coach does not need that much time to make sure that his team knows where to go on the field. A coach doesn’t need that much time to make sure that his team is prepared to play a game.

A team should always look prepared to execute a game plan. The squad should know what they are attempting to do.

Yes, we may be outmanned when facing teams like Alabama or LSU. But, we should look like this is not our first football game ever.

Coach Chad Morris had one of the best recruiting classes of all times at Arkansas last year. A lot of those players are playing now and gaining valuable experience.

He may need to recruit better coaches.

Game after game after game we look ill prepared when we take the field. He has made some horrible play calls during the game.

We may have been close to Kentucky and San Jose State, but too many times we looked like this was our first game.

The experts said that we should have been able to compete with Mississippi State last week. Obviously, they are not experts about Arkansas football.

My family has shelled out a lot of money to be season ticket holders and to follow the teams to some away games and bowl games. We were faithful to the point that it still bites me four or five times a year. I will mention to my wife about doing something outside during winter. She then reminds me about the time that she set in a snow and sleet storm at an Arkansas football game that we lost 9-5.

Even though people may be buying tickets, they don’t appear to be showing up for the games.

Arkansas football is a money maker for the campus. How long will we allow this slide to occur?

On a bright note concerning Arkansas sports. I was very happy to see the play of the Razorback basketball team. I actually thought I was watching a basketball game…a short-team basketball game.

It appears that we don’t have any big men since our 6-foot-8 guy is suspended and the 7-4 guy can’t play until next season because his appeal was denied by the NCAA.

I hope I don’t get sucked into enjoying it and becoming cranky with the grandsons. No, that will never happen. I wrote stories a month or two back with a grandson sitting on my shoulders the entire time wanting me to “type faster” so that I could play with him.

Abram Henry, Atticus Hatcher and Harley Michael pretty much rule my life. I don’t know why I would get worked up over Razorback football. It appears that Razorback football is not getting worked up over it either.

I hope we will Saturday.

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at jeffb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/jeffbrasel .

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