I have been a witness to some great high school football games over the years.

Two of my favorites include our local public schools whipping private schools that focus on sports.

I am dating myself, but an undefeated and highly respected Shiloh Christian team came into Green Forest in the early 2000s.

They left with a loss to the Tigers. It was funny and I mean this was funny to watch small Shiloh children crying because they lost a high school football game.

Then in 2007 Marshall visited Harding Academy. Marshall had a great team and my new doctor Evan Branscum was a member of that squad.

I listened to the pre-game interview with the Harding football coach and he never even mentioned Marshall or even being worried about them.

Marshall laid a whipping on the Wildcats. The postgame interview was more of the same. The Harding coach was praising the Wildcats and never recognized that Marshall put a beat down on his team.

A week from Friday night was another game that I will remember. Camden Fairview came to play Harrison at F.S. Garrison Stadium.

Mid-week Harrison received the word that some players were being quarantined and would not play. The coaching staff had some time to adjust the game plan with a few missing parts.

On that particular Friday, I didn't have time to fix Becky's lunch. So, I grabbed something and met her outside the school to deliver it to her.

When she came out, she mentioned that she had just met Coach (Joel) Wells coming out of the office. Coach Wells is not in the office area especially on a playoff Friday.

He told Becky that it wasn't good news.

It was hard news to get only seven hours before a game. COVID-19 had claimed more players from the team. This time the victims were claimed just a short time before playing.

Harrison is a very good team that has developed players over the season. The team could take a hit, but it narrowed the depth and there wasn't time to prepare players for different positions.

The game was tight on Friday night. Harrison didn’t look very good in the first half. Penalties upon penalties were called and called and some more were called.

Penalties were called until the last couple of plays in the first half. Harrison lost its quarterback on an interesting set of activities with just a little bit of time left in the second period.

It was in the second half when Goblin Nation saw the value of this coaching staff.

A sophomore quarterback, who may have not seen a snap all season other than the one at the end of the first half, was called into duty.

Beck Jones, who probably takes much more pride in playing in the secondary, was called into service.

Jones carried the football 15 times. He never passed the ball once. He was able to gain 83 yards on those carries along with three touchdowns.

Harrison scored the winning touchdown in the closing seconds when the team was setting the stage for a Noah Moix field goal to finish the game.

Instead of going down, Jones just chewed up the yards and punched the ball into the end zone.

It worked out.

The Goblins were dealt some bad cards. That didn’t stop the players and the coaching staff from doing what they needed to do to win the game with a very short-handed team with very little time to change the pieces around.

The time that Camden Fairview and Harrison played in 2014, there were five touchdowns scored in the final 2:36 of the game.

For once the 2020 version of something was better.

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at jeffb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/jeffbrasel .

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