In a previous column, I said that I wasn’t going to be the guy to say “I told you so” when Nick Starkel would be named the starting quarterback. I’m still not going to say it.

Guess who’s starting at quarterback tomorrow for Arkansas?

Yep, the guy who stretches the field, creates an opportunity for the running game and should’ve started last week … and the week before that. I do however feel bad for Ben Hicks because he fell victim to the ever-collapsing pocket due to an offensive line that was depleted and will be a work in progress every year until Chad Morris becomes successful. That will eventually be Starkel’s downfall as well.

I still blame many of the current problems on Bret Bielema and his smooth-talking gibberish that got us nowhere.

I remember when Arkansas had that one year where they were called O-Line U. Whatever happened to that? Apparently Bielema thought that one year where his offensive line weighed more than most NFL teams was all the recruiting he needed to do. He was wrong. Just like everything else, including his game management skills. The only thing that he did right while at Arkansas was to beat Texas. Thanks for that by the way.

Enough with the mushy stuff about the former coach.

Let’s go back even further. Nobody talks enough about the trailer that Bobby Petrino had connected to his motorcycle when he took a nosedive into the ditch. The football program was in that trailer. Or maybe it was in his girlfriend’s purse. Either way, we all felt the effects.

Earlier this week he apologized for that mess. Louisville forgave him of his shortcomings a few years back and gave him a second chance. That didn’t work. Now some of the voices in the state want to give him a second chance here. Thanks, but no thanks. Maybe the Atlanta Falcons will give him another shot. That’s highly doubtful as well.

Is it possible that all things Razorback eventually fall apart and drag the rest of us down with it?

Hunter Henry was supposed to be a shining example of good things to come from the state. His tenure at Fayetteville was superb despite the train wreck that was around him. His first two years in the NFL showed promise as he sat behind Antonio Gates and learned the system while accruing 12 touchdowns and over 1,000 yards.

Last year was supposed to be his breakout year. Then he got hurt.

This year was supposed to make up for that. Now he’s hurt again. My Beaver Hogs fantasy team took a hit when his left knee suffered a tibia plateau fracture. Is there a sports curse that affects all things Arkansas? I hope not.

Ryan Mallett apparently spent some time at the steel bar motel for trying to drive while under the influence of John Barleycorn.

It makes me wonder what will be next.

Current and former Hogs need to look over their shoulder for the next bad thing to happen. It most likely will.

Hopefully things are on the upswing in football and we’ll see how the basketball season plays out. It seems like it only takes a hot minute for the Razorbacks to become a hot mess.

Let’s stay positive and look past all the negative I just vented. Call the Hogs and keep bleeding red in support for the state.

I’ll do the same.

I had to hold myself back to not write about John L. Smith and his clown show. The tax collectors can deal with him.

Rodney Beaver is a sports write with the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at rodneyb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/rodneybeaver .

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