North Arkansas College received the news on Monday with the rest of the members of the National Junior College Athletic Association.

There will be no sports in the first semester of the upcoming school year as announced by the national office in Charolette, N.C.

“Things have changed a little bit,” said Northark athletic director Bobby Howard. “We are meeting as a staff next week.”

The basketball teams, who normally begin the season on Nov. 1, will have to wait until the second semester to play.

“We don’t play until Jan. 22,” said Howard. “All of that also depends on if the Governor (Asa Hutchinson) allows us to play.”

The regulations that were released specifies what NJCAA members can do and the dates that they have to adhere too.

Both men and women’s basketball teams are given a 60 consecutive day practice schedule. Those practices can begin as early as Sept. 15. The practices have to be over with by Dec. 15.

Teams are allowed five scrimmage dates for the entire year. Two of the dates can be during the spring semester.

With games beginning on Jan. 22, teams are only allowed to practice for 11 days prior to the first game. Teams can use their two scrimmage games during this time frame if they so choice.

Basketball is allowed only 22 games this season. The regular, regional and district seasons have to be completed by April 10. The national tournament will begin April 19.

The diamond sports of softball and baseball will continue with their normal spring regular seasons. However, the fall have some different rules.

Both teams are allowed 60 consecutive days to practice. The start period for baseball and softball is Sept. 5

Baseball is allowed 15 fall scrimmages. Softball is allowed seven fall scrimmages.

Both teams can start practice on Jan. 10 with Jan. 22 being the date for competition.

Softball is allowed to schedule 30 dates while baseball can play 56 games. May 23 is the deadline for all regular, regional and district play to be completed.

The NJCAA has moved four fall sports to the spring as well. Football, men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball have all become spring sports. Football will play its national title game in June.

Cross Country and Half Marathon championships will be the only fall sports along with women’s Division III tennis.

Moving to the second semester with basketball will be wrestling, swimming, diving, bowling and indoor track and field.

Baseball and softball will remain intact as spring sports along with beach volleyball, golf, lacrosse, track and field and men’s and women’s tennis.

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