The Arkansas baseball team had a quick exit out of the College World Series.

Apparently, the activities in Omaha, Neb. at TD Ameritrade Stadium continued without the Razorbacks. Not sure about anyone else, but I completely lost interest in the tournament the moment that the game against Texas Tech finished with the Hogs suffering a 5-4 defeat.

Twitter became dead to me, Facebook has always been dead to me and ESPN radio continued to annoyingly stress that hindsight is 20/20 to all the people who wanted to argue that Trevor Ezell should’ve bunted along with other things that Dave Van Horn could’ve done differently.

I don’t make anywhere close to a million dollars a year coaching baseball nor have I ever led a team to the College World Series, so I’ll trust that he did what he thought gave them the best chance to win. That being said, congrats to a baseball team that wasn’t initially expected to do much after losing so many starting players from the year before.

So college baseball is over more or less. Football is still a few months away. Basketball can only be found during pick-up games in certain places around town and some scattered AAU tournaments.

Instead of sitting around watching junk on the idiot box, it’s time to get out and enjoy the season.

Jump in the lake, float the river or pick up a new sport.

Today is the first day of summer which means the summer solstice occurs. So make the most of the longest day of sunshine in the entire year along with the shortest night.

The summer solstice isn’t actually a day, but rather a moment.  

Today, the north pole is at its maximum tilt facing the sun. The sun will hit its highest point in the sky for the entire year which means that the most amount of light is reaching the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere is currently experiencing the winter solstice.

The neat part about the solstice is that it’s a moment in time that happens for every person and country in the world at the same instance.

Whereas an event like New Years happens 24 times in the span of a day around the world, the solstice is a specific juncture that happens during the same twinkling of an eye for everyone on the planet.

Maybe that is interesting to some, maybe nobody cares. Either way, today is the longest day of sunshine that we get this year. That means the days will get shorter from this point forward until the winter solstice in December.

That means get out and enjoy the sunshine because before we know it, daylight savings time will give us an extra hour of sleep for one night but then take away an hour of sunshine and then some for all the days to follow until winter.

Rodney Beaver is a sports writer for the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at rodneyb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/rodneybeaver .

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