NEWPORT — For the third year in a row, the Yellville-Summit Panthers made the Class 3A State Football Playoffs.

Unfortunately for the team, for the third year in a row the squad was eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Friday night at Newport, the Panthers fell to Newport, 68-22.

With the win, the Greyhounds move to 9-2 on the season and play in the second round of the state playoffs on Friday.

Yellville-Summit ends the season with a 2-9 mark and turns to the offseason program.

The Panthers had two scores in the second period during the first half.

Yellville-Summit needed 3:35 in a drive to put points on the board.

The big play in the drive came with quarterback Eli Cagle hitting Javen Keymer for a 38 yard strike. Keymer moved the ball to the 17 of Newport.

Cagle carried the ball the last two plays in the drive to score from 5 yards out.

The score pulled the Panthers within, 24-6, with 9:59 left in the first half.

Newport led, 38-6, when the Panthers got the ball with 56.4 left in the second.

Cagle picked 9 yards with a run to make it a fourth-and-1. Cagle then hit Kyle Dobbs for a 31-yard touchdown pass with 9.6 seconds left.

Britten Roberts converted the two-point attempt to pull the Panthers within, 38-14.

Yellville-Summit tried an onside kick that the Greyhounds returned for a touchdown. It was the third touchdown in the final minute of the first half.

Newport led, 44-14, at intermission.

At the 11:33 mark of the third period, Newport activated the Arkansas Good Sportsmanship Rule.

The Panthers' last play of the season resulted in a 3-yard touchdown by Roberts.

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