CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When versed in offense, the stats will follow. At least that’s the case for the Pioneers of North Arkansas College.

Northark is leading the nation in five statistical categories in Division II of the National Junior College Athletic Association.

The team is first in field goals with 750. They are first in defensive rebounds a game with 37.7. They are first in assists per game with 29.7. The team is first in blocks with 8.3 a contest.

Northark also leads the nation in scoring at 107.4 points a contest.

They are also listed in the top 10 of four other categories and in the top 20 in three more.

The Pioneers are second in the nation in rebounds per game. They are averaging 52.4. They are fourth in field goal percentage per game at 51.9 percent.

Northark is listed as the No. 5 team in the nation in made free throws shot this year. They have successfully hit 350.

Their last top 10 ranking is in 3-pointers made this season. The team has made 190.

Northark is 15th in 3-point percentage as a team. They are hitting 36.8 percent of the long shots.

With No. 19 rankings in two categories, the Pioneers average 14.7 offensive rebounds a game and 10.8 steals a contest.

Six Northark players are also ranking individually in categories.

Freshman Alec Buhr of Rolla, Mo. and sophomore Kenny Chambers of Willard, Mo. have the highest rankings as individuals. Both are sixth.

Buhr is sixth in 3-point shooting percentage. He is averaging 50.0 percent of his long range attempts. He is also ranked 21st nationally in assists to turnover ratio. He is averaging 3.1 assists to every turnover.

Chambers is sixth in assists per game. He is averaging 7.1 a contest. He is 20th in steals at 2.4 a game.

Tyreece Winn, a sophomore from Brunswick, Mo. is seventh in the nation in field goal percentage at 68.1. He is 18th in the nation in blocks per game at 2.0.

Sophomore Deontei Johnson of Springfield, Mo. is seven in the nation in assists per game at 6.8.

Skyler Young, a Harrison graduate, is in the top 25 in two categories. He is 12th in field goal percentage at 65.3 percent and he is 22nd in field goals per game at 7.7.

Ian Moore, a sophomore from Lamar, Mo. is 12th in the nation in 3-pointers a contest. He is averaging 3.3 a game.

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