There is a reason why so many people downplay conspiracy theories.

It’s because sometimes they’re true. Knowledge based on facts and experience are difficult to stand against. Unless of course you’re Joe Biden who said, “We choose truth over facts.”

The conspiracy on him is that people say he has a brain in his head. The jury is still out after looking at all the evidence on that case.

Reality is more interesting because otherwise it’s just imagination and self-deception run wild. Imagination works great for kids but as we grow older, those games become more fun when it’s the real deal.

Mario 64 was one of my favorite games along with the Tony Hawk series. The Mario games were simply navigating worlds and collecting money all along the way to saving the princess. It’s much like the real world but with the ability to spit fireballs and do double backflips from a standstill. Some could say that’s more entertaining than the real world, but Mario couldn’t enjoy a double-cheeseburger and a milkshake on a date with the princess afterward.

Riding a skateboard on the Tony Hawk games only required pushing certain buttons to do each trick. The game didn’t require months of practice along with twisted ankles and broken legs to master the skill. Doing that in real life is an actual accomplishment worthy of notoriety.

Real time experiences and real life results are what has the staying power.

I can shoot five-under par on a video game but nobody will care. Do that in real life and somebody might buy you a drink. I’ve won the NBA Finals on a buzzer-beater shot several times in my driveway and hit walk-off home runs to win the World Series in my backyard on multiple occasions. Some people can actually say they’ve done that and those stories are much more interesting.

An interview with a Hollywood movie stuntman summed it up perfectly. People get such a high opinion and view toward the abilities of Batman, Spiderman or any of the superheroes that do incredible things. Then the famous actor gets all the attention for the character in the movie. All the actor did was run his mouth while the stuntman did all the hard work. The actor wasn’t Batman, the stuntman was. The actor wasn’t Spiderman either, it was the stuntman.

Long story short, living vicariously through video games and other people isn’t reality and it sure isn’t living. It’s definitely not that interesting. Being the stuntman in your own life makes things interesting. Just don’t jump off of a building with no parachute and expect to land on the ground in a full sprint.

Unless of course you’re LeBron James, then go for it.

Rodney Beaver is a sports writer with the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at rodneyb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/rodneybeaver .

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