A great man passed away last Friday and will forever be remembered in the hearts of all those that knew him.

My cousin, Jason Boernson, wore his heart on his sleeve and the echo of his laugh will never be forgotten. He now resides in the presence of Jesus, his personal savior. I have no doubts that Jesus is laughing a little harder these days in the company of Jason.

In the latter days, we referred to each other as “Cuz.”

Jason was one of the few people that I spent a large portion of my childhood with.

Some of my strongest memories as a young kid was right alongside him as we explored the world, enjoyed our hobbies and found ourselves in trouble together on several occasions. If you ever asked about the time our aunt dumped over the toy box or the time that we locked our only girl cousin in the shed with the wasps because she wanted to join our “club,” then you left the conversation laughing.

Family gatherings always included the same stories of the past that we laughed harder at each time during every session of storytelling.

Whether it was teaching each other how to throw an alley-oop on a short basketball goal at our grandparent’s house or being taken advantage of when we traded baseball cards, Jason had such a kindred, helping and loving spirit.

I always made fun of him every time that it rained or stormed because that seemed to be one of the few kryptonites in his life. You could find him in the storm cellar.

As kids, we had our own high-five style that few could imitate. We seldom got it right ourselves. If we ever met in passing, we would run toward each other, jump in the air and spin completely around while trying to slap our palms into each other. We usually completely missed or crashed into each other.

For a short while we talked on a CB radio that barely reached from my house to his. If that didn’t work, then we took advantage of making “free” collect calls and then rode our bikes to meet each other.

I can’t refer back to my childhood without him being some part of it.

Jason conquered leukemia while we were kids together and an outsider would’ve never guessed it just because his heart is what stood out.

That never changed as he grew older. His love for family increased with each day.

My heart goes out to his wife and kids who lost him too soon. Our family is missing a big piece to the puzzle.

His final battle proved how tough he really was. He never gave up the fight all the way to the end.

The funeral will have a lot of emotion because he is already greatly missed.

But there is a peace that passeth all understanding.

He’s no longer stuck in a chair or confined by anything of this world because he’s in heaven telling stories to make Jesus laugh.

I look forward to hearing them again someday.

Rodney Beaver is a sports writer with the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at rodneyb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/rodneybeaver .

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Jason Boernson was a Good Good Man.

He had a Big Big Heart and Loved his Lord

Jesus and his family immensely.

His smile and his friendship will be missed.

Jason has received his ultimate healing and

I Praise The Lord for this.

Until we meet again my friend.

Larry Coffman

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