Last night was a big night for Harrison High School. After a two-month delay, the school had a graduation ceremony for the senior class.

I am sure it wasn’t the normal round of celebrating due to the social distancing situation, but I am sure that several people were happy that the event took place.

Each year, I recognize graduating athletes in the area that have had an impact on my life. They may not be the best athlete or even close to being a good athlete. They are individuals that have made my heart happy over their years in school.

• Max Payne, Harrison, Football, Golf, Soccer. Without a doubt Max is one of my favorite student athletes ever. He is very good at his job in each sport.

I would always try to hide in the trees or in bushes when I was taking golf photos. He would call me out every time that he saw me. It became a little game of hiding so he didn’t see me. It is a shame that my last photo of Max during his soccer career was of him laying on the ground in the state finals after losing his junior year. He didn’t have a senior season in soccer.

• Teagan James, Valley Springs, Tennis, Basketball. If I had a son, I would like for him to have several of Teagan’s characteristics. He is very smart. He is very talented. He was successful in tennis and a good player on the court for the Tigers.

• Linsey Ward and Isabell McNutt, Harrison, Tennis. When mentioning one, the other’s name is in the next sentence. These girls have been double tennis partners for the last two years. They have state finalists and semifinals.

They would always have smiles on their faces while they played.

• Hailey Woods, Western Grove, Basketball. I didn’t have much interaction with Hailey, but I enjoyed watching her drop points on her opponent. She could always find a way to score.

• Ben Johnson, Harrison, Football, Track. I would trust Ben with my money. He is an outstanding young man that has overcome several obstacles. He was a good leader for the Goblins and he set a good example for his teammates.

• Then there is Isaac Ragland and Isaac Ragland. Isaac Glynn Ragland of Valley Springs and Isaac Cole Ragland of Marshall.

I have never had anyone apologize to me for losing. Isaac Glynn Ragland came up to me after Valley Springs lost in the state basketball tournament and hugged me and apologized for letting me down.

I was happy to watch him play over the years. He will be missed by his team and by me.

Both Isaac’s attended Marshall, until Isaac G. left his junior season.

Isaac Cole was the picture of Marshall football. This kid could take a hit and keep on ticking. Marshall hasn’t had many bright spots lately in the football world, but Isaac Cole was one of those.

• Scotland Lucas, Berryville, Football, Basketball. Lucas gave me fits trying to remember if it was Scotland Lucas or Lucas Scotland. I am very sad that he wasn’t around to give members of the 4A-1 football teams fits.

He blew an ACL during the opening week of practice and missed his enough senior season. The Bobcats missed him as well.

Lucas helped the Bobcat basketball team to the regional tournament this season. I would have liked to see him play at full speed.

• Gabe Huskey, Harrison, Football, Basketball. I enjoyed watching this young man’s athletic ability on display.

Huskey could find a hole on the football field and run through it. He has amazing talent. I miss will watching him run for the Goblins next season.

• Kenzie Parker, Harrison, Basketball, Soccer. Kenzie gets as much a possible out of her talents. She is hard-nosed and can take a hit as well as give one. I love a tough athlete that knows their skill set and Parker does.

• Zach Schaffer, Rilee Jones, Brooks Both, Bryant Ulrich, Colin Ballard, Landen Stephens, Colton Shaver, Logan King, Seabastian Diffey, Trey Stith all have to be mentioned. They were seniors that played a huge part in Harrison’s football success over the last three years. I will miss my Harrison football Friday nights without these guys.

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at jeffb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/jeffbrasel .

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