The phrase “you’ve got mail” was wildly popular 20 years ago.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks starred in the popular movie “You’ve Got Mail” that was released in December of 1998.

Working in sports, my email address has been passed around to many sports information camps. Promotion is the name of the game with the group. I have already started getting Heisman emails letting me know why their player is the best.

I am sure those emails will change my Heisman vote.

In my email inbox I also get all of the emails from SEC schools. Everytime one of the Alabama football players burps, I get an email about it.

My inbox had 1,800 emails in it after my last week long vacation. Yes, this is the reason why I don’t have my work email connected to my phone.

While clearing out my inbox I ran across something that got my attention. It was the odds for schools winning their conference football championship.

This was an online betting group, but they were smart enough to list the SEC first in their list of odds.

Not surprising Alabama was listed as a 1/2 favorite.

Georgia was second with a 5/2 odds.

Florida and LSU had 14/1 odds.

I kept reading. Auburn was fifth at 28/1. Mississippi State, Kentucky and Texas A&M all tied with 33/1 odds.

Tennessee and South Carolina had 80/1 odds.

I was getting closer to the bottom of the list and there is still no mention of Arkansas.

Ole Miss and Vanderbilt came in with 150/1 odds to win the SEC.

That is 12 schools. That is where the list ended.

Seriously, there are two more schools. What about Missouri? What about my beloved Razorbacks?

Nope. Not mentioned.

Are they not good enough?

Surely some bookie somewhere will take that bet?

Then it dawned on me. They didn’t list all of the teams from each conference.

So, I looked at the ACC. Nope. They listed all 14 schools.

The Big 10. All 14 schools listed there.

My eyes wondered down the list.

I saw schools listed at 300/1 odds of winning their conference championship.

All 14 members of Conference USA were listed.

Where was Arkansas and Missouri? Were their odds above 300/1 to win the championship?

I had to know. I emailed the Mason Media Consulting group back. I wanted to know the chances of the Hogs winning the SEC.

While awaiting a return email, my mind started to wonder as it does so often.

The Hogs not being listed only means the worse. Am I right?

Do they not stand a chance of winning any games in the league race? Is the win over Missouri the day after Thanksgiving the only hope that we have?

I was hoping for a .500 season because I know that we are not world beaters yet. Is that hope crushed?

I guess I will wait for Groupon to offer Arkansas tickets at a greatly reduced price and take my grandson to that game.

I am still waiting for that return email my the way.

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at jeffb@harrisondaily.com or follow him at twitter.com/jeffbrasel .

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