Rodney Beaver

There’s a situation that has been solved literally right in front of our eyes. It’s completely different from the way that I thought things used to be and I hope it leads to bigger and better things in other aspects of the world.

Dressing rooms, fitting rooms or changing rooms… whatever you want to call them, they haven’t been getting used lately due to the obvious reasons associated with fear of sickness. People may not want them back if the madness of the world ever ends.

I bought several items of clothes a month or so back. Of course, I couldn’t test them out in the store. So I bought them and then went out to the vehicle and tried them all on in the parking lot. Then I had to go back in, get refunds and adjust sizes to get what fit the best.

Not doing that anymore.

I’ve always noticed that there are mirrors all over the stores for some reason. They are now used for a real purpose other than me admiring myself.

A recent trip to the clothing store was quite a learning lesson. Assuming you have no shame or anxiety issues, just try on the clothes right there in the aisle.

There was a lady who basically stripped down next to me the other day and then threw on some new clothes. She walked over to the mirror and then looked at me for an opinion.

Then I did what all guys do. I lied and told her that it looked great on her.

Apparently my daughter had been using this technique for awhile as well. I found her two aisles down trying on pants over the pair she was already wearing.

I’d only seen this before with people trying to steal clothes. And they still used the dressing room.

Things are definitely changing.

This simple solution worked so well that I tried on a few pairs of shorts and a Yogi Bear Jellystone Park t-shirt right there in the men’s section. Now I’m smarter than the average bear for sure.

Even some of the ladies working at the store were walking by as if nothing weird was going on. Most of the people were wearing masks, so it seems like that’s the only thing that matters anymore.

So no more counting items for the attendant lady before entering a potentially virus-infested closet with a mirror. Just do it within a 6-foot distance from your neighbor. Then if it’s the wrong size, you can put it right back on the clothes rack where you got it.

Maybe the world is actually starting to find solutions to problems. Who would’ve thought that the people in the communities would be able to take situations into their own hands and fix their own problems.

Hopefully the Arkansas Activities Association, who can’t make a decision for themselves, need to seek real and practical solutions from the people in the trenches instead of brown-nosing the power-hungry politicians for guidance.

See ya’ll next week.

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