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A1 LED loves saving money for clients

Partners with Entergy Solutions


A1 LED met with local individuals on Tuesday, Nov. 30, to explain how businesses, homeowners, federal institutions and non-profits can save money on their energy bills through Entergy Solutions.

Team members will come to a location and document, measure and analyze a location’s lighting efficiency. There are other areas of improvement Entergy Solutions will assist with, other than lighting, and those are listed on Entergy’s website.

A1 LED founder, Nelson Mears said, “We do a walk-through and work up a proposal. We have to have the business’s Entergy account number and tax identification number before we can submit the paperwork. Usually, the savings of energy costs are significant and without cost to the owner. New lighting inside and out can change how a business is perceived by customers and new outside lighting makes it safer, too.” 

The assessment is free to the customer. There is currently $2 million left in the 2021 budget Entergy Solutions can spend on these projects. Mears said many of the projects approved now, will come out of the 2022 $20 million budget.

A1 LED executive director, Mindy Hammond said, “To be a part of the 2021 budget, we don’t have to have all the work completed before then. But we do have to have the paperwork submitted to take advantage of the remaining $2 million of this year’s budget.”

The partnership between A1 LED, Entergy and the customer is a non-binding agreement if for any reason the customer desires to change their mind.

Small business owner, Jerree Winn was asked, “Do you mind saving $9,000 in five years of energy costs?”

Winn agreed, she didn’t mind saving money at all. “I was surprised and excited when they picked my small business, New Beginnings School of Cosmetology, to analyze. The project to change my lighting to LED is going to cost $4,163. But I don’t have to pay any of that expense. There were no out-of-pocket expenses. My electricity bill is usually at least between $1,200 to $1,300 a month. This will help me save money each month.” 

Mears said they met with a local manufacturer and Entergy is going to pay the additional $170,000 to finish the LED project which had already been started in part of the facility. “Their electric bill will drop $7,563 a month, which is an annual savings of $90,763 and $453,850 in a five year period.”

The team demonstrated that a 150 watt bulb puts out 293 degrees of temperature. “A 200 watt LED light is only 70 degrees. “Think about how much stress the old light fixtures put on your air conditioning units,” he said.

Mears said LEDs are constantly improving, and they can even help some structures with older LED lighting already in place.

Mears started the company in 2017 and works with Entergy to save customers money and conserve energy.

“Ninety percent of the time, there is no out-of-pocket expense for the project,” Mears said. “Those who do end up having to pay a little usually see a return on their investment in less than six months.”

“There are customers who are skeptical as we do our analysis on their space. But when they see how much money can be saved and the improvements the new lighting makes on a facility —  they always have a big smile on their face,” Mears said.

Mears and his wife Carolyn were headed to Branson to celebrate their 53 wedding anniversary when he spotted ‘bad lighting’ around the community. He told his wife they had to stop by the Chamber of Commerce on their way home. 

Mears said in the few days this week they have been in town, they have already found more than $300,000 of projects Entergy will cover the cost of converting to LED.

Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Bob Largent said, “I want to thank Nelson and his team for partnering with us to make our community a better place.”

For residential conversions, Mears recommends HomeEnergyRX.com or call 800-585-8888.

A1 LED is currently located in Sheridan but is considering adding a local representative. Contact by email at mindy@a1led.net or call 501-766-6996.


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