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Dead Sea Conspiracy releases Aug. 23

Best Selling author — Jerry B. Jenkins


Jerry B. Jenkins is at it again. Author of more than 200 books, 73 million copies sold, Jenkins’ second book in the Dead Sea Chronicles series will be released on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Published by Worthy Publishing, Jenkins works with renowned Bible scholar and archaeologist Dr. Craig A. Evans to create a riveting story involving modern day archaeologists who uncover some amazing artifacts that relate to Biblical times and patriarch Abraham.

Jenkins toggles back and forth between Biblical times and modern times, tying the two periods together for the reader with some well known Biblical events and characters such as Seth, a son of Noah, Abraham and Sarah.

Readers will find It’s easy to get attached to the characters and anxiously turn the page to continue the story — past and present.

This reader’s favorite part was the modern day dig site in Saudi Arabia. Just seems so amazing to think about what might be hiding several feet under the desert surface. The Dead Sea Conspiracy can stand alone, but the reader will enjoy it more after reading the first book of the series — Dead Sea Rising which was released in 2018..

Of course, Jenkins leaves readers wondering if there will be a book three to the series, and he said it is possible if the public and publisher desires.


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