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Doing the job


How important is your job? When God places you in a job —  it’s the most important. I am so blessed to work with so many people in the community. As a newspaper person, we often have to rely on a press release from a company or industry. I can tell you I rely heavily on each person to do their job, so I can do mine!

I think back to the time of the birth of Jesus. Everyone had a job to do during that event. I doubt any human could have imagined what an impact that night would make on the whole world.

The tax collector was doing the job Caesar Augustus required, and everyone had to return “home” and be registered and that probably meant … paying taxes. 

So Mary and Joseph headed to Bethlehem as required. They had a job to do … all the while they were trying to have a baby! 

Sometimes we think, “Mean ol’ innkeeper. How could he be so heartless?” But the innkeeper was just doing his job, too. He had a full house and therefore there wasn’t any room for a young couple expecting the delivery of a baby at any time. (They failed to book the room online!)

The Shepherds were doing their job on the hillside —  watching the sheep. We would probably rate that job as “non essential.” But I’m sure the owner of the sheep knew how important it was. And wow … What a night to be working. Wouldn’t it have been sad to call in “sick” that night?

An angel was doing his job as well. “And behold, an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them, and they were greatly afraid,” Luke 2:9. (I’m sorry. I get this picture in my head of a director saying, “Cue the spotlights!”)

After the angel delivered his message, it says, “Suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying … “ (We always think of them as singing, but that’s not what the scripture says. But I love that Mr. Handel put these words to music! “Glory to God.”)

They were doing their job, too. Wow, what a job that would be. Delivering God’s Good News! Wait! … That’s the job we have today, too! Yes, I work at the newspaper and teach piano lessons as a “job” but it’s just my cover assignment. Just like you, if you belong to Jesus Christ, He places us exactly where we need to be for His purpose to be fulfilled. No job God assigns is non-essential.

I really doubt the Wise Men were there on the night of the birth of Jesus. (Mary was kind of busy, and Joseph was pacing in the waiting room, I’m sure!) But the Wise Men were doing their job, too. They were to worship the baby who was born King of the Jews. Then they were to confuse Herod the King who just wanted to kill the new baby. The Wise men’s gifts were symbolic of the baby’s future and important to the equation, too. Can you imagine shopping for the gifts and trying to convince the wife, “I know this is used on a dead body, but this is what I’m supposed to take to the baby!”

I think the production “The Chosen” has really helped me visualize the birth and life of Jesus when he walked on this Earth. If you haven’t seen this crowd-funded production online yet —  you really need to. I’m thrilled that the 2022 Christmas with the Chosen is coming to our local theater for a limited time, starting today. Last year’s Christmas special was excellent. 

Once again —  people are doing the jobs God has assigned them to do. Hundreds of people are using their skills and talents to make costumes, provide food for the crew and extras, writing the scripts, directing, double checking the events with the Bible, set design, providing an excellent camera crew and of course the marketing people are getting the word out. 

Don’t take people around you for granted. When you visit your favorite restaurant, someone cleaned the tables and chairs so you’d have a nice place to sit. Someone planned the menu and ordered the correct ingredients for the food. Someone packed the right order into the correct truck … and then a driver delivered it to the designated restaurant. The very least we can do is smile and be kind to the wait staff and ask them to pass on our thanks to the staff. 

Now, another person we need to thank is God. He placed you in the current century, this year, and your community to work for Him. You are just as important to His plan as the innkeeper and shepherds. You have a circle of influence like no one else. Make sure everyone around you knows that Jesus Christ loves them and sacrificed His life for them.

Where you spend eternity is hanging in the balance. Take the time to learn more at TrueLife.org or Ron Hutchcraft’s site, ANewStory.com and after you’ve met Jesus you’ll have the best Christmas ever!


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