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Dr. Leslie partners with long time friends


Dr. Tom Leslie says he’s ready to start a new chapter in his 44-year medical career. He remembers treating Jacob McClintock as a three-year old kid. 

“I did his sports physicals and saw him grow up. I knew he would do something in conjunction with medicine, but wasn’t sure what direction he would end up,” Dr. Leslie said.

Apparently Jacob wasn’t sure either. “I was pre-vet. Mom wanted me to be a veterinarian real bad and take over her practice. I was ready to hit ‘send’ on the application to LSU but just couldn’t do it. So I sent the application to medical school instead.”

Because the deadline had already passed for medical school, his application was a month late, and it didn’t look like they would accept him for that semester.

“Dr. Roy Lee was a good friend of my mom, Dr. Beverly McClintock and he got me in.”

The first day of medical school he met his future wife who is now, Dr. Sarah McClintock. The two McClintocks are partners with Dr. Leslie, and they want him to stay as involved as he wants to be. “We want to continue to call it The Leslie Clinic,” they both agreed. “This clinic is Dr. Tom’s legacy.”

“These two can handle anything,” Dr. Leslie said. “I’ve no doubt. I’m going to spend more time with my cows. But if needed, I’ll be available for telemed appointments.”

After medical school graduation, Dr. Jacob accepted a position with a company who moved doctors around to work several months at a time in underserved emergency rooms. He worked in Texas, Indiana and Arkansas. Dr. Sarah worked part time in urgent care and took care of a small group of patients in her own clinic for a time when they were in one location for a while.

“These assignments were usually the worst areas of a state with lots of crime — basically the shock-trauma centers where we would get stabbings and shootings,” he said. “COVID was horrible, but this last summer, in one week I treated seven stabbings and five gunshot wounds in the ER. They all survived, but at the end of that I said, ‘I think I’m done and ready to go to a clinic.’”

“As I was looking for a clinic, my Dad had an appointment with Fred and was talking to Dr. Tom,” Dr. Jacob said. “Over the years, you’ve always told Dad, ‘When he gets tired you tell him he’s always got a place here.’”

Dr. Leslie said, “COVID changed everything for everybody. I came here as a student with Dr. Maris, 44 years ago. I knew I eventually wanted to hand this off to someone with three qualifications. I was looking for someone who cared about where he was, cared about committing to be a part of this community and surrounding communities, and someone who would take care of my patients and the clinic employees.”

All three agreed, “It just kind of fell out of the sky.”

Dr. Leslie said, “He got tired of the ER. It was done and over. But he knew me, his parents knew me and he knew the clinic. I think it’s important I back off and this needs to be their clinic for the next 40 years and I need to be the one saying, ‘Hey I think you’re doing fine, but if you need some help I’ll fill in the gaps.’”

“I love to take care of hometown folks,” Dr. Jacob said. “I always saw myself wanting to help a small community and being a small town doctor. I’ve looked forward to taking care of people I grew up with and making sure everyone is healthy,” he said. “My approach to medicine is a more natural approach. I think the body can heal itself if we set it up to do that.”

Dr. Leslie injected, “Stay out of the body’s way of healing itself.”

Dr. Jacob agreed. “That’s correct. But I want to make sure we follow research proven therapies, not just what we think will work. This is a good opportunity to do that. Dr. Tom has been great at teaching me how to transition from the ER where I’ve been for ten years.”

Dr. Stacey focuses her practice on women’s health and children. “After being an ER doctor for 10 years, I do everything,” Dr. Jacob laughed. 

Dr. Stacey grew up in Batesville and was very excited to get back to Arkansas. The McClintocks have a 12-year old son named Owen and live on the family farm.

Karate is also a big part of Dr. Jacob’s life and he already has a group of people interested in classes in the Western Grove area and will open a dojo soon. 

“We have three doctors, and three nurse practitioners on staff. So we can see you the same day you call,” Dr. Sarah said. 

The Leslie Clinic does blood work, X Rays, bedside ultrasounds, and minor orthotic procedures.  Most insurances are accepted plus Medicare and Medicaid.

“We still take care of nursing homes, minor surgery, essentially the same things we’ve always done. If you're sick — call,” Dr. Leslie said.

Hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.  There is always a provider available after hours too. Dr. Sarah and Dr. Tom can both be scheduled for telemed appointments.

Patients can visit theleslieclinic.com and book an appointment with the physician of their choice and a desired time. The clinic is located at 306 N Chestnut St. and the phone number is 870-741-8559.


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