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How many apples are in a seed?


How many seeds are in an apple? If you’re eating one at this moment, you can cheat and tell us how many seeds you see.

I looked it up and according to the internet there are usually five seeds per apple.

It is unknown who originally said, “Though you can easily count the seeds in an apple; it is impossible to count the apples in a seed.”

It takes about four to five years for a new apple tree to produce fruit. I also learned the average apple tree produces about 300 apples in a growing season. That’s about 1,500 seeds per season. Those 1,500 seeds will then potentially produce 450,000 apples and another 2,250,000 seeds. Each seed can produce another apple tree and the cycle continues.

What if we could spread kindness in the same way? I don’t see why we can’t. Do or say something kind today to as many people as you can. When they say, “Thank you” ask them to pass along the kindness.

I remember the day I visited my Granny Cravens in the hospital in Springfield, Missouri, and I knew that would be the last day I would see her on this Earth alive. After the visit, we had lunch at a restaurant close by. I remember looking at everyone having such a good time and the world rushed right on by. But my heart was breaking and my eyes wanted to flood my face with tears.

To be honest, I didn’t expect the world to stop because a precious elderly pastor’s wife was smiling at her granddaughter for the last time. But I was hurting and my husband was the only person in the restaurant who knew and understood.

When we take the time to be kind to someone, we never know what an impact that can have on them for that day. I’ve heard radio personalities re-tell the story of someone wanting to listen to one more song before committing suicide. Well it “just so happened” that the song was just the encouragement they needed to continue with life another day.

That smile doesn’t cost you anything. It’s good exercise for your face. What if your face froze in its current position. Would it be a pleasant sight for everyone to see? Or would you be a very scary “wax museum” look alike?

I saw this online the other day. I don’t have a clue who wrote it originally, but I’ll share anyway. 

“Today you could be talking to someone who is trying their best not to fall apart. So whatever you do today, do it with kindness in your heart.”

Haven’t we all felt like that at times? We’ve all had days of needing to have a good cry —  but there just wasn’t time. I’ve told myself, hang in there. Don’t you dare make your makeup even worse! I mean, Mary Kay can only perform so many miracles on a person! So things keep stacking up. Then when I’m all by myself and have the time for a cry, and don’t need makeup on any more —  the crisis has passed. Oh boogers.

Do you realize you have seeds in you, too? Well, we don’t call them seeds in humans, but you know what I mean. We can have “spiritual” seeds, deed or actions. True apple seeds will need some dirt, water, and sunshine to produce a beautiful apple tree. 

What does it take to produce spiritual deeds, or seeds of kindness? It will take some dirt. Yup! Life is full of dirt —  hard times. Look at this Arkansas soil around here. We grow as many rocks as produce I’m pretty sure! I heard this week that our soil is perfect for feeding cattle. That’s why agriculture is such an important part of our economy. We need to be reading God’s word —  the Bible —  so we can grow in good, fertile soil. 

Then of course we will need some rain. Farmers think of rain as blessings from God. Theme park personnel think of rain as a bad day for customers. Rain could also represent our tears. We need to weep for the horrible condition our nation is in. God encourages us to sow our seeds with tears for a rich harvest. “They that sow in tears, shall reap in joy,” Psalms 126:5. Then our seeds need lots of sunshine … or I could type Sonshine … as in the Son of God. Jesus Christ loves us so much and wants to spend time with us. The more time we spend with Him, the better our seeds of kindness grow and multiply. It’s hard to hate others and live in evilness when you have God’s light of love shining in your heart.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving this week. Don’t let your thankful attitude stop. Keep up those good thoughts and see how many seeds of kindness you can sow and then watch for them to grow and multiply. They will come back to be a blessing to you and others.


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