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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Senators should speak truth


Dear Editor,
Why, oh why do our U.S. senators and representatives from Arkansas not speak up and speak truth to Arkansans and the nation?
Why do they remain silent on the extremism that is overtaking the Republican Party? Promoting actions of insurrection and encouraging an attack upon the U.S.Capitol by a U.S. president is a horrific crime and should not go unpunished.
Senators should vote to convict former President Trump in the second impeachment trial. Have the courage to speak truth and value this country as do Senators Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney, U.S. Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, and former Senator Jeff Flake and a few other Republicans have had the backbone to do.
A refusal to convict Trump promotes approval and encouragement of more lies, conspiracy theories and violence in our country and the demise of the true Republican Party.
Why can they not have enough respect for America to do as Margaret Chase Smith did in the 1950s in her “Declaration of Conscience” concerning Senator Joe McCarthy? This time it is a president and several senators promoting lies and conspiracy theories resulting in deaths, but their duty as elected officials is to value, declare and support truth.
Senators, please do something valuable for America: Preserve our democracy for our children and vote to convict former President Donald Trump this week.
C.A. Chaney,
Lead Hill