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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Symptoms vs causes


Dear Editor,
Thank you for printing Mr. Fariss’ letter in the paper. These and many other questions need to be asked.
I’ll use Western medicine as an example of what I am referring to. I’m not encouraging anyone to stop going to their doctor or getting off of prescribed medications. I’m just citing some of the articles I’ve read over the years about natural cures and Eastern medicine remedies and even dietitians’ frustrations.
Their claim is that medications to help with the discomforts (symptoms) of a disease are a very lucrative business and attempts to get natural cures for diseases recognized is an almost impossible battle.
America is experiencing many “symptoms” these days, and the answers are probably very complicated. In pursuit of answers, maybe the “causes” must be identified first. Matthew 6:24 in the New Testament may be a good place to start. In the Bible, Satan is identified under many names, and “money” just happens to his identity in this particular verse.
When the framers of the Constitution realized that not every situation could possibly be addressed during one snapshot of time in history, they declared that it could work only within a virtuous society. At their time in history, serving the country was considered a patriotic duty that paid very little. Believing that to maintain that non-lucrative income would encourage only good people to come forward to serve.
There were right because once Congress saw how easy it was to get rich in these public offices, all bets were off. Businessmen and companies soon realized that anything could be accomplished if enough money was at stake. This process was legalized under the guise of lobbying and “money’s” victory was realized and has been rapidly destroying a virtuous society ever since.
Truth never comes to the front line in campaigns for public office anymore. Common knowledge is now that the richest campaign gets the prize no matter the credentials of the candidate.
On the surface this can answer a number of Mr. Fariss’ questions — but not all.
But New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn points out that many issues (that he calls mysteries) go far beyond their surface.
With this in mind, contemplate this statement: “Money” hates the Ten Commandments.
Now try going deeper into this statement and see where it leads you.
Alvin Hanson
Lead Hill


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